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 6/4 Gm      B018-  Aye, marry, and thank you too
 6/8 G       B019-  The Baffled Knight
  C| Gm      B020-  The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington
   C G       B021-  Balow (my babe)
 6/4 F       B022-  Balow (my babe)
 3/4 Dm      B023-  Bara Faustus' Dream
 6/4 G       B024-  Barthololew Fair
 4/4 C       B025-  Basse's/ Hunter's Career
 6/4 Aphrygi B026-  The Beggar Boy
  C| D       B027-  A-Begging we will go
 6/4 Gdorian B028-  The Black Almain
 6/4 Adorian B029-  Blue Cap
 6/4 Adorian B029-  Blue Cap
  C| G       B030-  Blush not redder than the morning
 6/4 Am      B031-  Bobbing Joe, or Bobbing Joan
  C| C       B032-  Bonny Christ Church Bells
 6/4 Gm      B033-  Bonny Dundee
 4/4 Bb      B034-  The Bonny grey-eyed morn
  C| D       B035-  Bonny (or Pretty) Kate of Edinburgh
  C| Bb      B036-  Bonny Katherine Ogie
 6/4 Dm      B037-  Bonny lad, prithee lay thy pipe down
  C| Dm      B038-  Bonny lass, gin thou wert mine
  C| Gdorian B039-  Bonny Nell
 3/4 Ddorian B040-  Bonny Sweet Robin
  C| C       B041-  Bow Bells
  C| F       B042-  Bread of God
  C| C       B043-  The Bride's good-morrow (odd display)
 6/4 Am      B044-  Bright was the morning
  C| Edorian B045-  The Broom, the bonny broom
  C| Dm      B046-  Buff Coat
 4/4 Gm      B047-  Buggering Oates, prepare thy neck
 4/4 F       B048-  Bugle Bow (Bugga-boo)
 3/2 Dm      B049-  Burton Hall, or London's Loyalty
  C| G       B050-  Busy Fame
 6/8 C       B051B- Callino (Wm. Ballat lute bk, modern
 3/4 C       B051-  Callino Casturame (In Summer Time)
 6/4 Gm      B052-  Calm was the evening (last note,
  C| G       B053-  Cam'st thou not from Newcastle?
 3/4 Gm      B054-  Can life be a blessing?
 9/8 Em      B055-  Canst thou not weave bone-lace?
 6/4 C       B056-  The carman's whistle
  C| Ddorian B057-  Cavalilly Man
 6/4 Dm      B058-  Cavalilly Man
 4/4 Gm      B059-  Celia, that I once was blessed
  C| D       B060-  Charles of Sweden, of First of August
 3/4 C       B061-  Charon make haste
  C| Am      B062-  Chestnut
 6/4 Cmixoly B063-  Chevy Chase
  C| G       B064-  Chevy Chase
 3/4 Dm      B065-  Chi Passa
 3/4 F       B066-  The Children in the Wood
  C| Am      B067-  Chloris, full of harmless thoughts
 3/4 Gmixoly B068-  Chloris, since thou art fled away
 4/4 Gm      B069-  The clean contrary way
 3/2 F       B070-  The clear cavalier
 6/4 Gmixoly B071-  The cloak
 3/4 F       B072-  Cock up thy beaver
 9/4 G       B073-  Come, boys, fill us a bunper
 6/4 Gdorian B074-  Come Hither,---, or Hey, Ho, my Honey
 3/4 Am      B075-  Come live with me and be my love
 3/4 Am      B076-  Come live with me and be my love
 4/4 Gmixoly B077-  Come, love let's walk into the Spring
 6/4 Cm      B078-  Come, open the door, sweet Betty
 6/4 F       B079-  Come, shepherds, deck your heads
 3/2 Gmixoly B080-  Come, shepherds, deck your heads
   C Ddorian B081-  Come, shepherds, deck your heads
  C| F       B082-  Come, sweet lass, or Greenwich Park
 6/4 Ddorian B083-  Cook Lorrel
 6/4 Ddorian B084-  Cook Lorrel
  C| Gm      B085-  Could man his wish obtain
  C| C       B086-  The country lass
 3/4 D       B087-  The country lass
 6/4 Dmixoly B088-  The court lady
 6/4 Em      B089-  Courtiers, courtiers, think it no harm
 6/4 Dm      B090-  The Cramp
 6/4 Am      B091-  The Cremona fiddle
 6/4 Am      B091-  The Cremona fiddle
 3/2 Gdorian B092-  Crimson Velvet
 3/2 G       B093-  Crimson Velvet
 6/4 C       B094-  The crossed couple, or Tantara rara tantivy
 6/4 G       B095-  Cuckolds all a-row
 3/4 Am      B096-  Cupid's courtesy
 6/4 Cdorian B097-  Cupid's trepan
 3/4 Em      B098-  The Damask Rose, or Omnia Vincit Amor
 6/4 D       B099-  The Dame of Honour
   C Gdorian B100-  Damon and Pythias
 6/4 Dm      B101-  The danger is over
  C| D       B102-  Daniel Cooper
 6/4 Dm      B103-  Daphne
 6/4 Cmixoly B104-  Sedany (Sidanen) or Dargason
 3/4 Am      B105-  Dear Catholic Brother
 3/4 Am      B105-  Dear Catholic Brother
 3/4 C       B106-  Dear Pickaninny
   C C       B107-  Death and the lady
 3/4 D       B108-  The delights of the bottle
 6/4 Gm      B109-  Derry Down
 6/4 Gm      B110-  Derry Down
 6/8 Gm      B111-  Derry Down
 3/4 Bb      B112-  Derry Down
 4/4 G       B113-  The Devil assist the plotting Whigs
   C C       B114-  De'il take the war
 6/4 G       B115-  The Devil's progress
 3/4 Dm      B116-  Diana's a nymph
 3/4 Am      B117-  Digby's Farewell
 3/4 Gm      B118-  Digby's Farewell
 6/4 G       B119-  Digby's Farewell
  C| Bm      B120-  Diogenes surly and proud, or tippling
   C Am      B121-  The doubting virgin
 4/4 EPhrygi B122-  Down in a bottom, or Parliment sat as
 3/4 Ephrygi B123-  The downright squire
  C| Gm      B124-  The Dragon of Wantley
 6/4 Ddorian B125-  Drive the cold winter away
 6/4 Dm      B126-  Drive the cold winter away
 6/4 Dm      B127-  The Duke of Monmouth's Jig [defic. in 10th
 2/4 C       B128-  Duke upon Duke
 4/4 G       B129-  Dulcina
  C| F       B130-  Dulcina
 3/2 Bm      B131- Enfield Common
 6/4 C       B132-  Essex' Last Goodnight
 6/4 Gm      B133-  The evening ramble
 6/4 Dm      B134-  Fain I would if I could
 6/4 Ddorian B135-  Fain I would if I could
  C| Gm      B136-  The fair one let me in
  C| Gm      B136-  The fair one let me in
 4/4 Gdorian B137-  The fairest nymph the valleys
  C| Gm      B138-  Farewell, ungrateful traitor
 3/4 Dm      B139-  Farinel's ground
 9/4 Gm      B140-  The fit's come on me now
 6/4 G       B141-  The flatteries of fate
 3/4 G       B142-  Flying from Olinda
 6/4 Am      B143-  Fond boy
  C| Gdorian B144-  Fortune my foe
 6/4 Gmixoly B145-  Forty-nine
 6/4 G       B146-  Franklin (Frankin) is fled away
 6/4 F       B147-  The Freemason's Song (Come, let us prepare)
 3/4 Gmixoly B148-  The French Levalto
  C| D       B149-  The friar and the nun
 6/4 Gdorian B150-  The friar in the well
 6/4 G       B151-  The friar in the well
 3/4 Gmixoly B152-  The Frog Galliard
 6/4 Am      B153-  From hunger and cold
 3/4 Am      B154-  The Gaberlunzie Man
  C| G       B155-  Gather your rosebuds
 3/4 G       B156-  The gelding of the Devil
 6/4 Gdorian B157-  The gelding of the Devil
 6/4 Gdorian B157-  The gelding of the Devil
  C| Dm      B158-  Gerard's Mistress
   C Am      B159-  Gilderoy
 3/4 F       B160-  The glories of our birth and state
  C| Gm      B161-  The Glory of the West
 4/4 F       B162-  Go from my window (4th measure defective)
 6/4 Gphrygi B163-  The Gods of Love (treble staff only)
  C| G       B164-  Gramercy Penny
 4/4 Fm      B165-  Gray's Inn Masque, or Mad Tom (incomplete)
 4/4 Dm      B166-  The great booby
 3/4 C       B167-  Great York has been debarred of late
 6/4 Gm      B168-  Greensleeves
   C Gm      B169-  Greensleeves
 6/4 Gm      B170-  Greensleeves
 6/4 Gm      B171-  Greensleeves
 6/4 Gm      B172-  Greensleeves
 6/4 Gm      B173-  Greensleeves
  C| C       B174-  Grenadiers' March
  C| C       B174-  Grenadiers' March [1]
 3/4 Am      B175-  Grim King of the Ghosts
 6/4 F       B176-  The Gunfleet
 3/2 F       B177-  Guy of Warwick
 3/4 Bb      B178-  Hail to the myrtle shades
 4/4 Gm      B179-  Hark the thundering cannons roar
 6/4 F       B180-  Harvest Home
  C| G       B181-  Have at thy coat, old woman
  C| C       B182-  The Haymakers
 3/4 F       B183-  He that loves best must suffer most
 3/4 F       B184-  He that loves best must suffer most
 6/4 Aphrygi B185-  A health to Betty
  C| C       B186-  Heart of Oak
 6/4 Gdorain B187-  Heart's Ease
 6/4 C       B188-  The hemp-dresser, or the London gentlewoman
 6/4 Dmixoly B189-  The hemp-dresser, or The London gentlewoman
 4/4 C       B190-  Hey, boys up go we
 6/4 F       B191-  The highlanders' March
 6/4 D       B192-  The hobbyhorse
 6/4 D       B193-  The hobbyhorse
  C| G       B194-  Hold fast thy sword and scepter, Charles
 3/4 Adorian B195-  How blest are shepherds
 4/4 Dm      B196-  How can I be merry or glad
 4/4 G       B197-  How can the tree
 3/4 Em      B198-  How cruel is fortune grown
 3/4 A       B199-  How happy's the lover
 6/4 G       B200-  How Lovely's a Woman
 3/4 Dm      B201-  How Unhappy a Lover Am I
 3/4 Dm      B202-  How unhappy is Phyllis in love, or Let
 6/4 Gm      B203-  How vile are the sorid intrigues (of the
 6/8 Dphrygi B204-  The hunt is up
  C| C       B205-  The hunt is up
 6/4 Bb      B206-  Hyde Park
 3/2 Dm      B207-  I am a poor and harmless maid, or In my
  C| Dm      B208-  I am come to lock all fast
 3/2 C       B209-  I am confirmed a woman can
  C| Gm      B210-  Pauls Steeple (I am the Duke of Norfolk)

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