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 2/4 G       Rutsch hin, rutsch her.
 2/4 G       Rutsch hin, rutsch her.
 9/8 C _B _e Rûyâ m? O Günler
 6/4 F       Ruyghe Poessie
 7/4 C _B    Ruy-i Alemdir
10/8 C _1/4B Rûy-i Dilârâ Sazsemâîsi
10/8 C _1/4B Rûy-i Irâk Sazsemâîsi
 8/4 C _B    Rûz Bâmdâdî..., An
 8/4 C _B    Rüzgâr Söylüyor ?imdi
 6/4 C _B    Rüzgâr Uyumu? Ay Dal?yor
 2/4 A       Ruzmarin
 2/4 G       Ruzmarin
 2/4 D       Ruzmarin
 6/8 Edor    RVW2/1/101 Pretty Ploughboy
 3/4 D       RVW2/1/102 O Where Are You Going
 6/8 Emix    RVW2/1/104 Outlandish Knight
 4/4 Edor    RVW2/1/105 Maria Martin
 3/4 Eaeo    RVW2/1/106 Highland Jane
 4/4 D       RVW2/1/107 Come All You Valiant Shepherds
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/108 A Lady Walking in a Garden
 4/4 Dm      RVW2/1/109 The London Prentice
 3/4 E       RVW2/1/10 Villikins And His Dinah
 6/8 D       RVW2/1/110 It's of an Old Couple
 2/4 Ddor    RVW2/1/113 The Little Cobbler
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/114 Where Have You Been
 4/4 Dmix    RVW2/1/115 Cloddy Banks
 4/4 D       RVW2/1/116 Botany Bay
 2/4 D       RVW2/1/117 The Squire in the North Countree
 4/4 Caeo    RVW2/1/118 A Man Shall Live
 6/8 Emix    RVW2/1/119 Tom Sayers
 2/4 F       RVW2/1/11 The Dew Is On The Grass-0
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/120 Angel Gabriel
 3/4 F       RVW2/1/121 Our Saviour's Love
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/122 Bonny Bunch of Roses
 4/4 Faeo    RVW2/1/123 Carnal and the Crane
 2/4 D       RVW2/1/124 Three Jolly Sailor Boys
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/125 There Stands a Lady
 2/4 D       RVW2/1/126 We a Prisoner Have Got
 6/8 Eb      RVW2/1/127 A Brisk Young Sailor
 6/8 D       RVW2/1/128 Highway Robber [Outlandish Knight]
 4/4 Eb      RVW2/1/129 Sinner's Dream
 3/4 A       RVW2/1/12 The Milkpail-0
 4/4 Cmin    RVW2/1/130 God Rest You
 6/8 F       RVW2/1/131 Shannon Side
 3/4 F       RVW2/1/132 Myrtle Tree
 4/4 C       RVW2/1/133 Blacksmith Courted Me
 4/4 Ador    RVW2/1/134 Blacksmith Courted Me
 3/4 Ddor    RVW2/1/135 Green Bushes
 3/4 D       RVW2/1/136 Stockings and Gown
 4/4 C       RVW2/1/137 William Taylor
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/138 Captain Bray
 3/4 Ador    RVW2/1/139 O Early Early All in the Spring
 3/8 Eaeo    RVW2/1/13 Green Mossy Banks-0
 2/4 Ador    RVW2/1/140 (Merry) Green Broom Fields
 4/4 Cmix    RVW2/1/141 Cold Blows the Wind
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/142 Pretty Caroline
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/143 All Round My Hat
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/144 A Lady Walking
 2/4 Cdor    RVW2/1/145 Dabbling In The Dew
 6/8 Cm      RVW2/1/146 Joys of Mary
 2/4 C       RVW2/1/147 The Saviour's Love
 6/8 C       RVW2/1/14 I Hunted My Merry Dogs [Hunting Song]-0
 4/4 F       RVW2/1/15 Silvy-0
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/162 Gloucestershire Wassail Song
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/163 I'll Sing You One O
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/164 Prickly Briar
 4/4 Eb      RVW2/1/165 Apprentice Boy
 4/4 Em      RVW2/1/166 Under The Leaves
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/167 Christ Made a Trance
 2/4 C       RVW2/1/168 Shenfield [Sheffield] Apprentice
 2/4 F       RVW2/1/16 Come All You Roaring Boys-0
 6/4 Gm      RVW2/1/172 There Is A Fountain (gipsy)
 3/4 Gm      RVW2/1/174 It's Of A Poor Young Girl
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/176 Sheepskins--Weobley Morris Dance
 3/4 Ddor    RVW2/1/178 Green Bushes
 6/8 G       RVW2/1/179 Come All You Worthy Christians
 3/8 G       RVW2/1/17 I Once Loved A Dark Girl [False Lover]-0
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/180 Dance Tune(Locke)
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/180 Dance Tune(Locke)
 6/8 G       RVW2/1/181 One Oh (Dilly Song)
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/182 A Bold Young Farmer
 4/4 C       RVW2/1/183 Will the Weaver
 4/4 Eb      RVW2/1/184 Farmer's Rye
 3/4 C       RVW2/1/185 An Alderman Lived In The City
 5/4 C       RVW2/1/186 [Untitled]
 4/4 Edor    RVW2/1/187 Lovely Joan
 2/4 C       RVW2/1/188 Three Jolly Butchers
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/189 Royal George
 3/4 C       RVW2/1/18 [Died For Love] ?
 2/4 Eaeo    RVW2/1/190 Loss Of The London
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/191 When I Was Bound Apprentice
 2/4 Ddor    RVW2/1/192 Georgie
 6/8 C       RVW2/1/193 Forty Miles
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/194 The Cobbler
 3/4 C       RVW2/1/195 Isle of France
 6/8 F       RVW2/1/196 When Jones' Ale Was New
 6/8 G       RVW2/1/197 Tiresome Wife
 3/4 D       RVW2/1/198 In London Town I Was Bred And Born
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/199 Bold Princess Royal
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/1 The Green Mossy Banks
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/201 Bold Princess Royal
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/201 Bold Princess Royal
 4/4 F       RVW2/1/203 Liverpool Hornpipe
 4/4 Edor    RVW2/1/204 Lovely Joan
 6/8 C       RVW2/1/205 [Untitled Tune]
 3/4 F       RVW2/1/206 The Soldiers
 4/4 Baeo    RVW2/1/208 Johnny Reilly
 6/8 F       RVW2/1/20 T'Old Tup (part of play of Ker(?)
 3/4 D       RVW2/1/210 Down By Yonders Waters [Orange And
 3/4 Dmix    RVW2/1/212 Pedlar Bold And Robin Hood
 6/8 G       RVW2/1/213 Foggy Dew
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/214 Cupid's Garden
 3/4 D       RVW2/1/215 Spencer The Rover
 3/4 D       RVW2/1/216 Tom Block
 4/4 C       RVW2/1/218 Moorfields
 6/8 F       RVW2/1/21 The Old Horse
 2/4 Bb      RVW2/1/220 Little Lowland Maid
 4/4 F       RVW2/1/22 A Frolicsome Sargeant-0
 2/4 F       RVW2/1/23 Bold William Taylor
 2/4 F       RVW2/1/25 The Two Champions-0
 2/4 E       RVW2/1/26 Seventeen Come Sunday-0
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/28 Poor Mary-0
 6/8 G       RVW2/1/29 Oats and Beans-0
 5/8 G       RVW2/1/2 Basket of Eggs
 6/8 F       RVW2/1/32 Milkmaids-0
 4/4 Cmix    RVW2/1/33 O May He Never Prosper-0
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/34 Erin's Lovely Home-0
 3/4 Dmix    RVW2/1/35 I Courted An Old Man
 4/4 Ador    RVW2/1/38 Lord Ellenwater
 4/4 Edor    RVW2/1/39 May Song
 5/8 G       RVW2/1/3 Barbry Ellen-0
 3/4 Bb      RVW2/1/40 The Lost Lady
 6/8 Fmix    RVW2/1/41 The Yorkshire Bite
 6/8 Aaeo    RVW2/1/42 The Trees They Do Grow High
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/43 Lakes Of Cold Finn-0
 4/4 A       RVW2/1/44 Adieu My Lovely Nancy-0
 3/4 Bb      RVW2/1/45 Green Bushes-0
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/46 God Rest You-0
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/47 ? [No Title]-0
 4/4 C       RVW2/1/48 ? [No Title]-0
 6/8 G       RVW2/1/4 I Courted a Dark Girl (The False Lover)-0
 5/8 A       RVW2/1/50 There Is An Alehouse-0
 6/8 G       RVW2/1/51 Three Days Before Easter
 6/8 G       RVW2/1/52 Golden Glove
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/54 Shannon Side
 4/4 Edor    RVW2/1/55 May Song
 2/4 C       RVW2/1/56 Geordie
 4/4 Bb      RVW2/1/57 Rolling in the Dew Makes the Milk Maids
 6/8 Gmix    RVW2/1/58 The Yorkshire Bite
 4/4 C       RVW2/1/59 Gilderoy
 6/8 G       RVW2/1/5 When I Was Young [Broken-Down Gentleman]
 4/4 Edor    RVW2/1/64 Nine Joys Of Mary
 4/4 Aaeo    RVW2/1/65 Geordie
 6/8 Cmix    RVW2/1/66 High Germany
 6/8 Edor    RVW2/1/67 The Jolly Soldier-0
 2/4 Ddor    RVW2/1/68 Salisbury Plain
 6/8 Edor    RVW2/1/69 Robin Hood's Men
 2/4 F       RVW2/1/6 Our Chief Mate's Name-0
 3/4 Edor    RVW2/1/70 Robin Wood And The Pedlar
 5/8 Edor    RVW2/1/71 Down By Some River
 3/4 C       RVW2/1/72 Three Weeks Before Easter
 3/4 Eaeo    RVW2/1/75 Lovely On The Water
 6/8 Edor    RVW2/1/76 When I Was A Bachelor
 6/8 D       RVW2/1/77 Joan's Ale Was New
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/78 Flower of London (1 of 6)
 3/4 G       RVW2/1/79 Dark Eyed Sailor (2 of 6)
 6/8 Baeo    RVW2/1/7 Basket Of Eggs-0
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/80 Just As The Tide Was Flowing (3 of 6)
 3/4 D       RVW2/1/81 It's Of An Old Miser (4 of 6)-0
 4/4 C       RVW2/1/82 Plymouth Sound (5 of 6)
 4/4 Ddor    RVW/2/1/83 The Man of Birningham Town (6 of 6)
 6/8 Gm      RVW2/1/85 The Lady Looked Out (1 of 3)-0
 3/4 Gaeo    RVW2/1/86 When I Was A Young Man (2 of 3)-0
 4/4 F       RVW2/1/87 The Red Running Rue (3 of 3)-0
 3/4 Ador    RVW2/1/88 All You That Are To Mirth Inclined (1 of
 4/4 Am      RVW2/1/89 Old Christmas Day (2 of 3)-0
 3/8 D       RVW2/1/8 Green Lanes-0
 6/8 Gm      RVW2/1/91 Down in Yon Forest (3 of 3)-0
 3/4 Dmix    RVW2/1/92 High Germany
 4/4 Edor    RVW2/1/93 Salisbury Plain
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/94 Little Cabin Boy
 4/4 Dmix    RVW2/1/95 Rolling in the Dew
 2/4 Amix    RVW2/1/96 Good Morning-0
 3/4 A       RVW2/1/97 Noble Lord Archer
 4/4 G       RVW2/1/98 Down In the Groves
 4/4 D       RVW2/1/99 [Hurricane Wind]
 2/4 G       RVW2/1/9 Broadstriped Trousers (Tarry Trousers)-0
 2/4 E       RVW2/2/169 The Blacksmith
 2/4 Gm      RVW2/2/98 Covent Garden
 2/2 G       R?welmann (4-100), S. 136, Der
 6/8 G       Ryan and Blair's Wedding
 6/8 D       Ryan MacDonald
 6/8 D       Ryan MacDonald
 2/4 Dmaj    Ryan's
 2/4 Dmaj    Ryan's
 4/4 Bmin    Ryan's
 4/4 Bmin    Ryan's
 4/4 Bmin    Ryan's
 9/8 Dmaj    Ryan's
12/8 ADor    Ryan's

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