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 3/4 D       The Banks of the Scantic
 3/8 G       "The Banks Of The Shannon "     (air)      0310
 3/4 G       "The Banks Of The Suir"     (air)     0517
 3/4 G       "The Banquet"     (air)     0548
 4/4 D       The Banshee
 3/4 C       "The Banshee's Cry"      (air)       0129
  C| G       "The Bantry Hornpipe"           1779
  C| G       "The Bantry Lasses"   (reel)    1190
 3/8 D       "The Bard Of Armagh"      (air)      0363
 6/8 G       "The Barefoot Boy" (doublejig)  1074
 6/8 A       "The Barndoor Jig"              0939
 6/8 G       "The Barronstown Races" (jig)   1038
  C| D       The Bashful Bachelor
  C| D       "The Bashful Bachelor" (reel)   1443
 6/8 A       The Bashful Bride
 3/4 G       "The Bashful Lover"   (air)   0550
 6/8 D       "The Bashful Maid"    (jig)     1037
 6/8 Em      The Basket of Turf
 2/4 Am      The Basso
 2/4 Bm      The Basso
   C D       "The Battle Eve "       (air)         0253
 2/4 G       "The Battle Of Aughrim" (march) 1845
   C D       "The Bay Of Biscay-O"     (song)     0329
12/8 D       "The Beauties of Ireland "     (slide?)      0980
 6/8 F       "The Beaux of London City" Stick Dance
 6/8 F       "The Beaux of London City" Stick Dance
 6/8 F       "The Beaux of London City" Stick Dance
 6/8 F       "The Beaux of London City" - (stick dance) -
  C| G       "The Belfast Hornpipe"          1647
  C| G       "The Belfast Lasses"   (reel)  1385
  C| D       "The Belles Of Clonallan" (hornpipe)  1714
 9/8 Ador    The Belles of Shadyside
 6/8 G       "The Bend Of The River"   (air)   0597
 6/8 G       "The Besom in Bloom"  (jig)     0797
 6/8 G       "The Best In The Bag"   (jig)   0852
 2/4 D       The Big Bouncy Bag o' Bunny Luv
   C C       "The Bird Alone"       (air)       0475
  C| G       "The Blackberry Blossom" (reel) 1295
   C D       "The Blackbird" (1st Setting)      (air)      
 2/4 D       "The Blackbird"  (2nd Setting)  (air)        0200
 2/4 D       "The Blackbird"   (3rd Setting)   (air)    0201
 6/8 A       "The Blackbird And The Hen" (march) 1837
 2/4 D       "The  Blackbird"   (longdance)  1793
 4/4 F       The blackbird of Mullaghmore, S. 48
 9/8 G       The Black Cock of Whickham
 3/4 D       The Black Duck Brook French Center Waltz
  C| G       "The Black Eyed Sailor"  (reel) 1475
 6/8 D       "The Black Haired Darling" (1st Setting)  (air) 
 6/8 G       "The Black Haired Darling"   (2nd Setting)  (air) 
 2/4 G       "The Black Haired Girl"     (air)     0509
     D       "The Black Haired Lass"  (reel)  1326
 3/4 F       (The) Black (Haired) Maid of the Valley
 3/4 F       (The) Black (Haired) Maid of the Valley
 6/8 D       "The Black Headed Darling" (march) 1836
 6/8 G       "The Black Lettered List"     (air)        0214
 3/4 G       [The Black Pirate]
 6/8 G       "The Black Rogue"     (jig)     0915
 3/4 G       "The Black Slender Boy" (1st setting)  (air)     
 3/4 G       "The Black Slender Boy"  (2nd setting)  (air)     
 3/4 G       "The Black Slender Boy " (3rd setting)  (air)     
 6/8 C       The Blackthorn Stick
 6/8 G       "The Blackthorn Stick"      (air)      0458
 6/8 G       "The Blarney Pilgrim" (jig)     1099
 6/8 D       "The Blazing Turf Fire" (jig)   0780
 2/2 Bb      The Blessings of Silver
     Gmix    "The Blockers"
   C G       "The Blood-Red Rose "    (air)         0383
 6/8 G       "The Blooming Meadows" (1st Setting)  (jig)  0917
 6/8 G       "The Blooming Meadows"   (2nd  Setting)  (jig)    
  C| G       "The Bloom of Youth"  (reel)    1215
   C C       "The Blue Bells of Scotland" Stick Dance
   C C       "The Bluebells of Scotland" Stick Dance as danced
 6/8 D       "The Bluebird" by Elizabeth (Clark) Zekley © 1990
   C G       "The Blue Eyed Maid"    (air)    0450
  C| G       "The  Blue Garters"  (reel)     1514
   C G       "The Bog Blossom"    (air)   0074
 2/2 G       The Bog of Allen
   C D       "The Bold Deserter"     (air)      0291
 2/4 D       "The Bold Deserter" (longdance) 1791
 2/4 D       "The Bold Soldier Boy"   (air)   0079
  C| A       "The Bonnie Boy"     (reel)     1438
 3/4 G       The Bonnie Hills of Riverton
 2/2 D       The Bonniest Lass in A'The World
 6/8 D       "The Book of Rights"  (jig)     0783
  C| G       "The Bottle of Porter" (reel)   1336
  C| G       "The Bouncing Boy"   (reel)     1506
 6/8 G       "The Bow-legged Tailor"  (jig)   0878
 6/8 D       "The Boy From The Glens"   (jig)  0892  (modified)
 6/8 D       "The Boy from the Mountain" (jig)   0974
 3/4 D       "The Boy From The Top Of The World"   (air)    
  C| D       "The Boyne Hunt"     (reel)     1241
   C G       "The Boyne Water"       (air)       0260
 6/8 G       "The Boy Of My Heart "      (air)        0261
   C G       "The Boys from Kerry"   (air)   0459
 6/8 D       "The Boys From Mullingar"     (air)      0589
  C| G       "The Boys From Scart"  (hornpipe) 1574
 2/4 A       "The Boys From The East" (hornpipe) 1664
 6/8 D       "The Boys in the Gap"        (air)         0157
 6/8 A       "The Boys of Ballinafad"  (jig)  0978
 6/8 D       "The Boys of Ballinamore"          (jig)        
  C| G       "The Boys of Ballinchalla"      (reel)       1227
 9/8 G       "The Boys Of Ballysadare"  (slipjig)   1134
  C| D       "The  Boys of Ballysimon" (hornpipe) 1594
 2/4 D       "The Boys Of Bluehill" (hornpipe) 1700
  C| D       "The Boys of Cappoquin"  (reel) 1364
 6/8 C       "The Boys of Carrigallen "      (air)        0210
 6/8 D       "The Boys of Coomanore" (jig)   1073
  C| C       "The Boys of Galway"   (reel)   1341
   C D       "The Boys Of Glanlough"      (air)      0356
 4/4 E       The boys of Mullaghbawn, S. 52
     G       "The Boys of Portaferry"  (reel  1249
 6/8 G       "The Boys Of The Town"  (jig)   0825
 6/8 G       "The Boys Of The West" (jig)    1035
   C G       "The Boys Of Wexford"       (air)       0081
 2/4 D       "The Brave Volunteers"        (air)       0080
 3/4 G       "The Bride of Malahide"       (air)       0249
 4/4 A       "The Bridge Of Athlone" (hornpipe)1721
 3/4 D       "The Bright Black Rose"       (air)        0137
 3/4 D       "The Bright Love of My Heart"     (air)     0043
 6/8 G       "The Brink Of The White Rocks"   (2nd Setting)   
 6/8 G       "The Brink Of The White Rocks"      (air)     
 6/8 Gm      The Brisk Young Lady
  C| D       "The Broken Pledge"  (reel)     1178
 3/4 G       "The Brown Haired Boy"      (air)        0155
   C G       "The Brown Maid "     (air)       0154
 2/4 G       "The Brown Mallet"      (air)     0448
 3/4 G       "The Brown Thorn "   (1st setting )  (air)     
 3/4 D       "The Brown Thorn"   (2nd setting)   (air)     
 3/4 G       "The Brown Thorn "   (3rd Setting)   (air)      
  C| D       "The Bucks Of Oranmore"   (reel)  1199
 6/8 G       "The Bucks of Westmeath"  (jig)  0979
   C D       "The Buffoon" Handkerchief Dance
   C D       "The Buffoon." Handkerchief Dance
  C| G       "The Bunch of Green Rushes"   (reel)  1202
 6/8 D       "The Bunch of Roses"  (jig)     1054
 4/4 Bm      The Bunny's Hat
 6/8 D       "The Burnt Old Man" (1st Setting)  (air)      
 6/8 D       "The Burnt Old Man"  (2nd Setting)  (air)     
 6/8 D       "The Burnt Old Man"  (3rd Setting)  (air)     
  C| G       "The Bush In Bloom"  (reel)     1242
   C G       "The Bush On The Hill"   (air)   0520
  C| D       "The  Butcher's Apron"  (reel)  1483
 6/8 D       "The Butcher's Cave"  (jig)     1067
 6/8 G       "The Butcher's March"  (jig)     0867
  C| D       "The Callan Lasses"  (reel)     1493
  C| D       "The Cameronian Reel"           1512
 4/4 G       "The Cardinal" by Elizabeth (Clark) Zekley © 1990
  C| C       "The Cashmere Shawl"  (reel)    1344
 6/8 D       "The Castle Of Dromore"    (air)         0052
 6/8 G       "The Catholic Boys'       (air)      0018
 6/8 D       "The Cat in The Corner"   (jig)   0871
 6/8 D       The Catnip Lady from Lubbock
 3/4 D       "The Caves of Cong "      (air)      0161
 4/4 G       The Cayugaian
 2/4 G       "The Chanter's Tune"       (air)        0143
 3/4 D       "The Charming Fair Maid "      (air)         0241
 6/8 D       'The Charming Young Widow'    (jig)       0872
   C G       "The Chieftain"        (air)        0206
  C| D       "The Chorus Reel "             1223
 6/8 A       "The Christening"     (jig)     0952
  C| D       "The Christening"    (reel)     1286
 6/8 C       "The Church Of Dromore"      (air)       0270
 4/4 G       The Civil Union (Marti & Jennifer's Wedding)
 6/8 G       "The Cliffs Of Moher"     (jig)     0861
 3/4 C       The Clipper (S. Turner)
  C| A       "The Clock In The Steeple"    (reel)  1248
 2/4 G       "The Cloone Hornpipe"           1558
 6/8 G       "The Cock And Hen"    (song)    0567
  C| Bb      "THE COCK OF THE NORTH" -- Strathspey
 2/2 D       The Cocktail
  C| D       "The Collier's Reel"            1404
  C| D       "The Comely Maiden"  (reel)     1353
 6/8 D       The Coming of Spring
 4/4 G       The Concert Reel
 6/8 G       "The Connachtman"  (doublejig)  1053
 6/8 D       "The Connachtman's Rambles" (jig) 1003
 4/4 G       "The Connacht Outcry" (march) 1848
  C| A       "The  Contradiction"   (reel)   1503
 2/4 D       The Conundrum (in D, for the flute)
 6/8 G       "The Cook In The Kitchen" (doublejig) 1042
3/4L G       "The Coolin" (with variations)     (air)      0089
 9/8 G       The Cotton Grass Flowers
 6/8 G       The Creel of Turf
 3/8 C       The Crocodile
 3/8 C       The Crocodile
   C G       "The Croppy Boy"       (air)       0198
 2/4 G       "The Crossroads Dance"    (hornpipe)      1568
  C| Bb      ”The Crown” Hornpipe
 9/8 D       "The Crow's Nest"  (slipjig)    1167
 9/8 D       "The Crow's Nest"  (slipjig)    1167
   C D       "The Cruiskeen Lawn "      (air)        0254
 3/4 E exp   The Cry of Israel
 2/4 G       "The Cuckoo's Nest" (1st Setting) (hornpipe) 1733
 2/4 G       "The Cuckoo's Nest" (2nd Setting) (hornpipe) 1734
 6/8 G       "The Cup of Gold"    (air)    0460
 4/4 D       The Curlew
  C| C       "The Curragh Races"  (reel)     1276
 6/8 G       "The Dairy Maid" (1st setting) (doublejig) 1100
  C| D       "The Daisy Field"    (reel)     1270

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