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  C| A       "The Dancer's Delight"  (reel)  1318
 6/8 C       "The Dancingmaster"   (jig)     0960
 6/8 A       "The Dandy Bonnet"    (jig)     0948
 4/4 Ador    The Dark and Wanting Side
   C D       "The Dark Girl Dressed In Blue"   (air?)   0403
 3/4 G       "The Dark Maiden Of The Valley "   (air)    0368
 3/4 G       "The Dark Woman Of the Glenn"          (air)      
 4/4 Bmin    The Darshan Hornpipe
   C D       "The Dawning of the Day "     (air)     0108
 6/8 D       "The Day After The Fair"            (jig)         
 3/4 Am      The Day Before Spring
 3/4 Bm      The Day Before Spring
 3/4 Gm      The Day Before Spring
  C| G       "The Day We Paid The Rent"   (reel) 1232
 3/8 G       "The Dear Black Cow "    (air)     0130
 3/4 A       "The Dear Irish Boy"   (air)   0073
 6/8 G       "The Dear Little Island"  (march)  1831
 3/4 D       "The Dear Little Shamrock"  (air)  0178
 6/8 D       "The Deception"     (air)      0323
 4/4 Em      The Destitution
 6/8 G       "The Devil In Dublin"  (march)  1827
  C| A       "The Devil's Dream"  (hornpipe)  1564
 4/4 Gmajor  The Dexterity Hornpipe
 6/8 G       "The Dissipated Youth"     (air?)     0508
  C| G       "The Dogs Among The Bushes"   (reel)  1274
 2/4 G       "The Downfall of Paris" ( hornpipe(?)) 1562
 6/8 G       "The Downhill Of Life"        (air)       0490
  C| D       "The Drogheda Lasses"  (reel)   1292
  C| G       "The Drummond Lasses"  (reel)  1436
  C| G       "The Dublin Hornpipe"           1725
  C| A       "The Dublin Lasses"  (reel)     1328
  C| D       "The Dublin Reel"               1374
 4/4 G       The Duke of Perth
 4/4 G       The dying year
 3/4 G       The Eagle's Whistle
 3/4 F       The Earle of Essex Galiard (12)*
   C C       The Earl of Hadinton
 6/8 G       "The Eavesdropper"   (doublejig) 0715
  C| D       "The Echo Hornpipe"             1605
   C C       Theeket Hoose, The
 3/4 D       "The Emblem Of Faith"       (air)      0501
 3/4 G       "The Emerald Isle"        (air)        0600
 6/8 G       "The End Of The Day"  (jig)     0950
 2/4 D       "The Enniskillen Dragoons"   (song)   0411
  C| G       "The Ewe Reel"                  1229
 3/4 G       "The Fair At Dungarvan"      (air)      0099
   C G       "The Fair Branch"        (air)        0536
 6/8 A       "The Fairhaired Boy"  (jig)     0924
 2/4 G       "The Fairies' Hornpipe"         1718
 3/4 G       "The Fairies' Well"   (air)   0478
  C| G       "The Fair Maidens" (hornpipe)   1626
 2/4 D       "The Fair Maid Of Cavan"     (air)     0578
 3/4 G       "The Fair Maid Of Kinsale"   (air)   0610
 2/2 D       The Fair of Ballydarreen
 3/4 A       "The Fairy Boy"        (air)        0243
 6/8 D       "The Fairy Cobbler "       (air)       0252
 9/8 G       The Fairy Jig
 6/8 G       "The Fairy Rath"        (air)        0408
 3/4 D       "the FAIRY" WALTZ
 3/4 G       "The Faithful Brown Cow" (1st Setting)   (air)  
 3/4 G       "The Faithful Brown Cow" (2nd Setting)   (air)  
  C| D       "The Faithful Friend" (hornpipe) 1763
  C| G       "The Fancy Fair"  (hornpipe)    1749
 6/8 G       "The Fardown Farmer"  (jig)     1024
  C| D       "The Farm Hornpipe"             1643
 6/8 A       "The Fat Man's Fancy" (jig)      0907
 2/2 G       "The Fearless Boys"   (march ?) 1811
 3/4 C       "The Fenian Stronghold"           (air ?)   0539
  C| G       "The Fermoy Lasses"   (reel)   1310
 4/4 G       The Fern Glade
 4/4 G       The Fern Glade - Harmony
  C| A       "The Fiddlers' Contest" (hornpipe) 1711
  C| G       "The Fiddler's Frolic" (hornpipe) 1644
  C| F       (the) Fidler's Morris
  C| D       "The Field Marshal" (hornpipe)  1671
 6/8 G       "The Field of Flowers" (jig)    1065
  C| G       "The Field Of Oats"  (reel)     1523
 5/4 Edor    The Fire in the Hearth
 4/4 G       The First Day In Spring
 2/2 D       The First Month of Spring
  C| A       "The First Month of Summer"    (reel)   1214
 6/8 G       "The First Night In America"  (jig) 0851
 3/8 D       "The First Noel"
  C| G       "The First Of March"        (reel)        1357
 2/4 A       "The First Of May"  (hornpipe)  1708
 6/8 D       "The Fisherman's Frolic" (doublejig) 1047
 3/8 D       "The Fisherman's Song"    (air)    0604
   C F       The Fisherman's Wedding
 6/8 D       "The Fisherman's Widow"  (jig)  0931
  C| A       "The Five Leaved Clover"   (reel)      1247
 2/2 Bm      The Flavor of the Month, Bmi
 6/8 G       "The Flaxdresser"     (jig)     0835
  C| D       "The Flax In Bloom"  (reel)    1389
 6/8 G       "The Flitch Of Bacon" (jig)     1039
  C| G       "The Flogging Reel"             1206
 4/4 G       The Flower of Magherally, S. 62
  C| G       "The Flower Of The Flock"  (reel) 1238
 6/8 D       "The Flowers In The Valley"    (air)    0612
 2/4 G       "The Flowers Of Antrim" (hornpipe) 1655
 2/4 G       "The Flowers Of Edinburgh" (hornpipe) 1746
 3/4 D       "The Flowers of Erin's Green Shore"   (air)   0486
  C| D       "The Flowers Of Spring"  (hornpipe)  1692
   C D       "The Flowers Of The Forest"   (air)(Irish Verzion)
  C| D       "The Flowing Bowl"   (reel)     1297
 6/8 G       The Fluttering Duck
 6/8 G       The Flying Wheelchair
 2/4 G       "The Foggy Dew"  (1st Setting)  (air)        0185
   C G       "The Foggy Dew"   (2nd Setting)   (air)   0186
 3/4 G       "The Forlorn Lover"       (air)        0275
 3/4 G       "The Forlorn Stranger "    (air)       0326
 2/4 Ador    The Forwards Polka
  C| D       "The Four Courts"  (1st Setting) (reel) 1396
  C| G       "The Four-Hand Reel"            1554
   C G       "The Four-Leaved Shamrock"       (air)        
  C| G       "The Fourpenny Bit"  (reel)     1541
 6/8 G       "The Fox And His Wife "       (air)         0271
   C D       "The Fox's Sleep "     (air)         0335
 4/4 G       The Free Lunch
 6/8 D       ... the French (title incomplete on photocopy)
 3/4 G       "The Friar's Hill"       (air)        0010
  C| G       "The Friendly Visit" (hornpipe) 1696
 6/8 D       "The Frieze Breeches"(doublejig) 1051
 6/8 D       The Frost is All Over
  C| G       "The Full Of The Bag" (hornpipe) 1651
 6/8 D       "The Fun At Donnybrook"       (air)       0005
 9/8 C       "The Funny Mistake"   (slipjig)  1146
 9/8 C       "The Funny Mistake"   (slipjig)  1146
 6/8 C       The Gaelic Club
 6/8 C       "The Gaelic Club "    (jig)     0956
 6/8 C       "The Gallowglass"    (jig)     1023
  C| D       "The Garden Of Dasies" (1st setting)  (longdance)
  C| D       "The Garden Of Dasies"  (2nd setting)  (longdance)
 2/2 A       The Gard'ner Wi' his Paidle
 4/4 G       The Gatehouse Maid
   C G       "The Gathering of the Clans"      (air)      0352
 6/8 D       "The Geese in the Bog" (jig)    1085
 6/8 G       "The Gentle Maiden"        (air)          0282
 4/4 Em      The Ghost of His Former Self
 3/4 D       "The Girl From Lower Ireland "    (damaged?) 
 4/4 D       (The) Girl I Left Behind Me
   C D       "The Girl I Love"       (air)       0423
 6/8 D       "The Girl Of The Big House"      (air)      0196
 3/4 G       "The Girls I Have Courted"        (song)      0439
 6/8 D       "The Girls Of Banbridge"        (jig)        0812
 6/8 D       "The Girls Of Our Town"       (air)      0574
  C| D       "The Girl Who Broke My Heart"  (reel) 1176
  C| D       "The Girl With the Laughing Eyes" (reel) 1528
 2/4 G       "The Glasgow Hornpipe"          1648
  C| D       "The Glen Hornpipe"             1673
 6/8 G       "The Glens Of Mayo"   (jig)     1078
  C| D       "The Glories Of Spring" (hornpipe) 1759
 6/8 D       "The Goats' Horns"    (jig)     0926
 6/8 G       "The Goat's Song"      (air)       0480
 6/8 A       "The Gobby-O"         (jig)     0844
   C Am      "The Godfather" Theme
   C Am      "The Godfather" Theme   [Am]
   C Am      "The Godfather" Theme   [Am]
   C Bm      "The Godfather" Theme   [Bm]
  C| D       "The Golden Vale"  (hornpipe)   1652
  C| A       "The Goldfinch"      (reel)     1280
 6/8 G       "The Gold Ring"   (doublejig)   0708
 4/4 D       The Gooch
 2/4 G       "The Goodnatured Man" (hornpipe)  1620
 6/8 G       "The Good Ship Planet"       (song)       0435
     D       "The Gooseberry Bush"  (reel)   1252
   C G       "The Grassy Green Pillow"    (air)    0463
 3/4 D       "The Grave Of Wolfe Tone "      (air)       0456
  C| G       "The Green Branch"   (reel)     1259
 3/4 A       "The Green Bushes"       (air)       0331
  C| G       "The Greencastle Hornpipe"      1557
  C| G       "The Greencastle Hornpipe"   (2nd Setting)    
  C| G       "The Green Fields of America"(reel)   1240
 2/4 G       "The Green Flag Flying" (march) 1804
  C| G       "The Green Flag"   (hornpipe)   1650
  C| A       "The Green Groves Of Erin"  (reel) 1429
  C| D       "The Green Island" (hornpipe)   1774
  C| D       "The Green Jacket"   (reel)     1490
  C| A       The Green Linnet
  C| A       "The Green Linnet"   (reel)     1262
 6/8 D       "The Green Meadow"    (jig)     1062
  C| D       "The Green Mountain"   (reel)   1205
 3/4 G       "The Green Woods Of Truigha"       (air)      
  C| G       "The Grey Beard"     (reel)     1393
  C| D       "The Grey Daylight"  (reel)     1372
  C| G       "The Grey Plover"    (reel)     1544
 2/4 G       "The  Groves Hornpipe"               1598
 6/8 G       "The Groves of Blackpool"       (air)        0021
 3/4 G       "The Groves Of Blarney"       (air)       0507
 3/4 G       "The Groves Of Dromore"      (air)       0358
 6/8 D       "The Grumbling Rustic"  (jig)   0809
 6/8 D       "The Hag With The Money" (jig)  0721
  C| Amix    The Half-Twist
  C| A       "The  Halfway House"  (hornpipe) 1569
 2/4 Am      The Hallstatt Spirits (Stephan Steiner)
 2/4 A       "The Handsome Plowboy" (hornpipe) 1723
 6/8 D       The Handsome Young Maidens
 2/4 G       "The Handy Man"  (hornpipe)     1659
  C| G       "The Happy Days Of Youth"  (reel)  1311
 6/8 G       "The Hare in the Corn" (1st setting) (jig) 0766

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