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 9/8 G       "The Road to Athlone"  (slipjig)  1170
 9/8 G       "The Road to Athlone"  (slipjig)  1170
 2/2 G       The Road to Ballymac
 3/4 D       "The Road To Hollyhill"          (air)          
 6/8 G       "The Road To Lurgan"  (jig)     0830
 4/4 G       The Road to Monalea
 6/8 C       "The Roast Beef of Old England"
 6/8 C       "The Roast Beef of Old England" ?Dance (Morris) in
 4/4 G       "The Rocks Of Cashel" (march)   1819
   C C       "The Rocky Moorland"           (air)          
   C D       The Rollicking Road to Boxwood
 3/4 D       "The Romantic Kerryman"        (song)         0320
 6/8 G       The Roman Wall
  C| A       "The Rose In The Garden"  (reel) 1314
 6/8 D       The Rose in the Heather
 2/4 D       "The Rose Of Drishane"  (hornpipe) 1631
  C| G       "The Roving Bachelor"  (reel)   1450
 6/8 A       "The Ruins Of Killmalloc" (jig) 1029
 6/8 G       "The Runaway Bride"   (jig)     0945
 2/4 D       "The Rushy Mountain"    (air)   0093
  C| D       "The Sailor's Cravat"  (reel)   1446
  C| D       "The Sailor's Hornpipe" (1st setting) 1577
  C| D       "The Sailor's Hornpipe"     (2nd Setting)        
  C| D       "The Sailor's Jacket"  (reel)   1369
  C| G       "The Sailor's Return"  (reel)  1375
 2/4 G       "The Same Old Story"  (reel)    1540
 4/4 D       The Sandcutter
  C| D       "The Satin Slipper"   ((reel))    1304
 4/4 G       (The saucy little bird on) Nelly's Hat
 4/4 G       (The saucy little bird on) Nelly's Hat
 4/4 G       (The saucy little bird on) Nelly's Hat
 4/4 Eminor  The Scarlet Mare of Drumcoor (The Embers of
 2/4 D       "The Scholar Hornpipe"          1640
  C| D       "The Scolding Wife"   (reel)    1430
  C| D       "The Sea Captain"   (hornpipe)  1674
  C| G       "The Seamen's Club" (hornpipe)  1768
 3/4 HP      These Are My Mountains
 6/8 HP      These Are My Mountains  "CYMRU"
     G       "The Second Wedding"   (reel)   1440
 4/4 Eb      These foolish things
   C C       "The Seige Of Rochelle"     (from the opera)      
 4/4 G       These Old Cumberland Mountain Farms
 2/4 F       "The Setting of the Sun"           (air)          
  C| G       "The Shaskeen Clog"  (hornpipe)  1703
 6/8 D       "The Sheep on The Mountains"  (jig) 0831
 3/4 Gm      The Shepherd Adonis
   C G       "The Shepherd"           (song)             0251
  C| G       "The Ships are Sailing" (reel)  1264
 6/8 C       "The Short Grass"     (jig)     0981
 6/8 D       "The Siege Of Troy "      (air)        0014
 3/4 A       "The SIlken Cravat"          (air)          0561
 6/8 G       "The Silken Wallet"  (jig)      0891
 2/4 G       "The Silk Handkerchief"  (hornpipe)  1665
 6/8 G       "The Silver Crown"        (air)         0280
  C| D       "The Silver Tip"     (reel)     1185
   C G       "The Sixpence"           (air)           0385
  C| A       "The Skibbereen Lasses" (reel)  1469
 3/4 G       "The Skylark"               (air)              
 2/2 D       The Slaney Bog
  C| D       "The Sligo Chorus"   (reel)     1273
  C| G       "The Sligo Lasses"   (reel)     1392
  C| D       "The Slipper Hornpipe"          1596
 6/8 D       "The Smile Of Nancy Barlow"           (air)       
 3/4 C       The Smiler (S. Turner)
  C| D       "The Smokey Chimney" (hornpipe) 1635
  C| C       "The Smoky House"    (reel)     1504
  C| G       "The Snow On The Hills" (reel)  1306
   C G       "The Snowstorm"              (air)                
 3/4 G       "The Snowy-Breasted Pearl"             (air)      
 6/8 D       "The Sod Of Turf"     (jig)     0928
 3/4 A       "The Soldier and the Sailor"           (air)      
  C| D       "The Soldier's Joy'  (hornpipe) 1642
  C| D       "The Son Of Prosperity"  (hornpipe)  1581
 6/8 D       "The Sorrowful Maiden"                 (air)      
 6/8 A       "The Southern Breeze"                 (song)      
 2/4 G       "The Southern Shore" (hornpipe) 1740
  C| A       "The Spinners Delight" (reel)   1380
 6/8 D       "The Spinner's Lilt"  (jig)     1058
  C| A       "The Spinning Wheel"  (reel)    1203
 6/8 G       "The Sporting Bachelor" (jig)   0850
  C| G       "The Sporting Boys"  (reel)     1350
 4/4 D       The Sporting Lass of Perth
 4/4 G       The Sporting Lass of Tel Aviv
 6/8 D       "The Spotted Cow"     (jig)     0983
 2/4 G       "The Spring Garden" (hornpipe)  1681
 6/8 G       "The Spring Well" (doublejig)   1080
 2/4 D       "The Star Hornpipe"             1654
  C| G       "The Star Of Kilkenny" (reel)   1349
  C| C       "The Star Of Munster"   (reel)  1218
 4/4 G       The steamboat
 4/4 G       The Steampacket
 4/4 ADor    The stone in the field
none A       The storm before the calm
   C G       "The Stormy Voyage"            (air)              
 6/8 C       "The Storyteller"     (jig)     0743
  C| D       "The Strawberry Blossom" (1st Setting) (reel) 1354
  C| D       "The Strawberry Blossom" (2nd Setting) (reel) 1355
 6/8 D       "The Straw Seat"      (jig)     0833
   C D       "The Streamlet"               (air)              
 3/4 G       'The Streams Of Bunclody"       (air)       0338
   C G       "The Strolling Mason"            (song)           
 4/4 C       The Suit of Green, S. 86
 3/4 D       "The Summer Is Come"         (song)           
 6/8 G       The sunnyside Jig
 2/4 G       "The Sunrise"    (hornpipe)     1684
  C| G       "The Supple Dancer" (hornpipe)  1646
 4/4 Amix    The Sure Way Back
 9/8 G       "The Swaggering Jig" (slipjig)  1118
 9/8 G       "The Swaggering Jig" (slipjig)  1118
  C| A       "The Swallow's Tail Reel"       1268
 2/4 D       "The Sweep's Hornpipe"               1613
 3/4 D       The Sysadmin's Despairage
 6/8 D       The Tabbies of Tara
 4/4 ADor    The Tailor's Thimble
 6/8 D       "The Tailor's Thimble"  (jig)   0827
 6/8 G       "The Tailor's Wedding"   (jig)  0848
 4/4 G       The Tale of Sir Robin*
 2/4 D       "The Tall Slender Maiden"            (air)        
 6/8 G       "The Templehouse Jig" (1st setting) 0755
 6/8 G       "The Templehouse Jig" (2nd Setting) 0756
  C| G       "The Templehouse"    (reel)     1230
 6/8 C       "The Tenpenny Bit"  (1st  Setting) (jig) 0929
 6/8 C       "The Tenpenny Bit"  (2nd Setting) (jig)  0930
  C| D       "The Tent At The Fair"  (reel) 1517
 6/8 A       "The Thatcher"        (jig)     1036
 6/8 G       "The Thief Of Lough Erne"   (jig)   0963
   C D       "The Threadbare Coat"             (air)           
 4/4 G       "The Three Captains"  (longdance)  1787
 6/8 C       "The Three Little Drummers"  (jig)  0969
  C| G       "The Threepenny Bit"  (reel)    1367
  C| D       "The Threshers"    (hornpipe)   1704
 6/8 D       "The Thrush's Nest"     (jig)      0855
 2/4 G       "The Tinware Lass"   (hornpipe)  1566
12/8 Bm      The Toormore Slide
 6/8 D       "The Top Of The Cork Road"(jig) 1031
 6/8 C       "The Top Of The Hill"  (jig)    0947
 2/4 G       "The Top of the Morning"  (hornpipe)  1571
 2/4 G       "The Tossing of the Hay"           (air?)         
  C| G       The traveller
   C C       "The Traveller"                 (air)             
  C| G       "The Traveller"      (reel)     1495
 4/4 G       The trip to Birmingham
 4/4 D       The Trip to Mesilla
 2/4 G       TheTroutbeck Hornpipe
 2/4 G       "The Trumpet Hornpipe"  (1st Setting)  1586
 2/4 G       "The Trumpet Hornpipe"  (2nd setting)  1587
  C| D       "The Tullamore Piper" (hornpipe) 1773
 2/4 G       "The Twilight Star"  (hornpipe) 1641
  C| G       "The Twin Brothers"  (reel)     1237
 4/4 Aminor  The Twin Towers
 3/4 G       "The Twisting of the Rope"    DAMAGED?      (air) 
 6/8 G       "The Twopenny Jig"              1061
  C| G       "The Ulster Hornpipe"           1599
 4/4 G       "The Ulster Outcry"           (march)           
 6/8 G       "The Unfortunate Rake"  (jig)   0970
 6/8 D       "The Victor's Return"   (jig)       0886
 4/4 F       The Waefu' Heart
 2/2 D       The Walking of the Fauld
 6/8 Dmix    The Walls of Liscarrol
 6/8 D       "The Walls of Liscarroll" (jig) 0704
  C| C       "The Watchmaker"     (reel)     1539
 4/4 Am      The Waters of Holland
   C G       "The Wearing Of The Green"        (song)        
   C C       "The Weary Maid"               (air)           
 3/4 D       The Wedding Gift
   C D       The Wedding Reel
  C| C       "The Western Lasses"  (reel)    1552
 4/4 Ador    The Wet Blanket
  C| D       "The Wexford Lasse"            (reel)            
 6/8 G       "The Wheels of the World" (jig) 0777
 2/4 A       "The Wheelwright"    (air)     0202
 6/8 D       "The Whin Blossom"             (air)            
 2/4 G       "The White Blanket" (longdance) 1794
 2/2 D       The White Cockade
 4/4 G       "The White Cockade"   (march)   1802
 3/4 D       "The White-Mountain Maid"   (air)    0491
 6/8 G       "The White Petticoat" (jig)     0773
 4/4 Amix    The Whoor Next Door
  C| D       "The Wicklow Hornpipe"          1579
 6/8 D       "The Widow Brady"     (jig)     0734
 2/4 G       "The Widow Cantwell's Fancy" (hornpipe) 1732
   C G       "The Widowed Bride"        (air)          0156
   C G       "The Widows Daughter"        (air)         0076
 9/8 G       "The Wild Colt"  (slipjig)  1135
 9/8 G       "The Wild Colt"  (slipjig)  1135
 3/4 A       "The Wild Geese"               (air)             
 6/8 G       "The Wild Irish Boy"           (air)           
  C| G       "The Wily Old Bachelor"  (hornpipe)  1751
  C| D       "The Wind that Shakes The Barley"  (reel)   1518
 6/8 D       "The Windy Height"            (air?)          0360
 6/8 G       "The Wink Of Her Eye"             (air?)          
 2/4 G       "The Winsome Widow"                  (song)       
   C D       "The Winter is Past"             (air)            
 4/4 D       The Wizard of Portobello (Johnny Cunningham's
  C| G       "The Women's Rock"   (reel)     1550
 6/8 G       "The Woodcock"        (jig)     0975
  C| D       "The Woods Of Kilkenny"  (hornpipe)  1693
 6/8 D       "The Woods of Kilmurry"        (air)          0022

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