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 6/8 G       "The Gold Ring"   (doublejig)   0708
 4/4 D       The Gooch
 2/4 G       "The Goodnatured Man" (hornpipe)  1620
 6/8 G       "The Good Ship Planet"       (song)       0435
     D       "The Gooseberry Bush"  (reel)   1252
   C G       "The Grassy Green Pillow"    (air)    0463
 3/4 D       "The Grave Of Wolfe Tone "      (air)       0456
  C| G       "The Green Branch"   (reel)     1259
 3/4 A       "The Green Bushes"       (air)       0331
  C| G       "The Greencastle Hornpipe"      1557
  C| G       "The Greencastle Hornpipe"   (2nd Setting)    
  C| G       "The Green Fields of America"(reel)   1240
 2/4 G       "The Green Flag Flying" (march) 1804
  C| G       "The Green Flag"   (hornpipe)   1650
  C| A       "The Green Groves Of Erin"  (reel) 1429
  C| D       "The Green Island" (hornpipe)   1774
  C| D       "The Green Jacket"   (reel)     1490
  C| A       The Green Linnet
  C| A       "The Green Linnet"   (reel)     1262
 6/8 D       "The Green Meadow"    (jig)     1062
  C| D       "The Green Mountain"   (reel)   1205
 3/4 G       "The Green Woods Of Truigha"       (air)      
  C| G       "The Grey Beard"     (reel)     1393
  C| D       "The Grey Daylight"  (reel)     1372
  C| G       "The Grey Plover"    (reel)     1544
 2/4 G       "The  Groves Hornpipe"               1598
 6/8 G       "The Groves of Blackpool"       (air)        0021
 3/4 G       "The Groves Of Blarney"       (air)       0507
 3/4 G       "The Groves Of Dromore"      (air)       0358
 6/8 D       "The Grumbling Rustic"  (jig)   0809
 6/8 D       "The Hag With The Money" (jig)  0721
  C| Amix    The Half-Twist
  C| A       "The  Halfway House"  (hornpipe) 1569
 2/4 Am      The Hallstatt Spirits (Stephan Steiner)
 2/4 A       "The Handsome Plowboy" (hornpipe) 1723
 6/8 D       The Handsome Young Maidens
 2/4 G       "The Handy Man"  (hornpipe)     1659
  C| G       "The Happy Days Of Youth"  (reel)  1311
 6/8 G       "The Hare in the Corn" (1st setting) (jig) 0766
 6/8 G       "The Hare in the Corn" (2nd setting) (jig) 0767
 6/8 Dmix    The Harker House of Happiness
  C| G       "The Harvest Field"  (reel)     1428
  C| D       "The Harvest Home" (hornpipe)   1603
 6/8 G       The Haunted House
 4/4 D       The Hawk
 3/2 D       The Herdsman's House Hooley
   C G       "The Hermit of Killarney"       (air)       0116
 6/8 Em      The Hibernian Jig
 4/4 G       "The High Cauled Cap" (march)   1807
 6/8 A       "The Highlander"        (jig)         0857
 6/8 A       "The Highway To Dublin" (doublejig) 0713
  C| C       "The Highway To Limerick"  (reel)  1402
 9/8 G       "The Hills of Ireland"        (slipjig)          
 9/8 G       "The Hills of Ireland"        (slipjig)          
 4/4 G       The History Man
 4/4 G       The History Man
 6/8 G       "The Holly Tree"      (jig)     0972
 3/4 D       "The Honest Man"         (air)         0105
 4/4 D       The Honeymoon Reel
  C| D       "The Honeysuckle"  (hornpipe)   1653
 2/4 D       The Hornless Cow
   C D       "The Hornless Cow"   (reel)     1455
 4/4 D       The Horvays of Tudor Street
 6/8 D       "The House In The Glen"   (jig)    0897
 6/8 D       "The House in the Glen" (jig)   1088
 6/8 D       "The House On The Hill"   (air)   0427
  C| G       'The Humors Of Ballinacarrig"  (reel)  1427
 9/8 G       "The Humors of Carrickmacross"          (air)     
  C| D       "The Humors Of Castle Bernard" (hornpipe) 1770
 6/8 D       "The Humors Of Trim"  (jig)     0949
 4/4 Ador    The Humours of Allegheny
 6/8 C       "The Humours of Ballinafauna"   (jig) 1081
 6/8 G       "The Humours Of Ballingarry"     (jig)  0828
 6/8 A       "The Humours Of Bally Castle" (jig) 0810
  C| A       "The Humours Of Ballyconnell" (hornpipe) 1675
 6/8 G       "The Humours of Ballydehob" (jig) 1097
 9/8 D       "The Humours of Ballymanus"   (slipjig)  1124
 6/8 G       "The Humours Of Bantry"  (jig)  0711
 6/8 D       "The Humours of Cappa" (jig)    0779
 6/8 G       "The Humours of Castle Comer"  (jig)  0913
 6/8 A       "The Humours of Cavan" (jig)    1056
 6/8 G       "The Humours of Cork"  (jig)    1057
 6/8 D       "The Humours of Dingle" (doublejig) 1044
 6/8 D       The Humours of Drinagh
 6/8 D       "The Humours of Drinagh" (jig)  1022
 2/4 G       "The Humours Of Enniskean" (hornpipe) 1689
 6/8 D       "The Humours of Glyn"          (air)          0176
 6/8 G       "The Humours Of Limerick"    (jig)         0876
 6/8 D       "The Humours Of Mullinafauna" (jig) 0845
  C| D       "The Humours of Newcastle" (reel) 1524
 6/8 G       "The Humours of Passage"  (jig)  0940
 4/4 Dmix    The Humours of Sarajevo
  C| C       "The Humours Of Schull" (reel)  1470
 3/4 G       "The Humours of the Joyce Country"       (air)    
 6/8 A       "The Humours of Tralibane" (jig) 0793
 6/8 D       "The Humours of Whiskey" (jig)  0784
 6/8 G       "The Humours of Winter"  (jig)  0922
  C| G       "The Hunt"  (1st setting) (longdance) 1799
  C| G       "The Hunt"  (2nd setting) (longdance) 1800
 2/4 G       "The Hunter's Hornpipe"         1717
 2/4 D       "The Hurler's March"            1805
 6/8 G       "The Idle Road"       (jig)     0839
 4/4 D       The Igoes of Pakahake Street
 4/4 Dmix    The Immaculate Deception
 2/2 G       The Independence Hornpipe
12/8 F       Their Brains Were Small
 6/8 D       "The Irish Champion "        (song)          0165
 6/8 G       "The Irish Exile"          (air)          0388
 9/8 A       "The Irish Girl"   (slipjig)    1137
 9/8 A       "The Irish Girl"   (slipjig)    1137
   C G       "The Irish Hautboy"    (air)   0570
  C| D       "The Irish Music Club" (reel)   1498
 4/4 A       "The Irish Nation"          (air)             0204
 6/8 G       The irishwoman
   C HP      Theirry La Fronde  "CYMRU"
  C| A       "The Ivy Leaf" (1st setting) (reel) 1370
 4/4 D       "The Job of Journey Work" (longdance) 1792
 6/8 G       "The Jockey at the Fair" (longdance) 1796
 3/4 D       "The Jolly Beggarman "      (song)        0364
 6/8 C       The Jolly Corkonian
 6/8 D       "The Jolly Corkonian"  (jig)    0822
 6/8 D       "The Jolly Joker"     (jig)     1014
  C| G       "The Jolly Journeyman" (reel)   1239
 4/4 D       The Jolly Lad
 2/4 D       "The Jolly Little Boy" (hornpipe) 1716
 6/8 A       "The Jolly Old Man"    (jig)    0895
   C A       "The Jolly Plowman"  (1st Setting ?)   (song)    
  C| C       "The Jolly Seven"    (reel)     1466
  C| D       "The Jolly Tinker"   (reel)     1535
  C| C       "The Jolly Weaver"   (reel)     1459
 6/8 D       "The Jolly Young Waterman"   (song??)   0530
 6/8 G       "The Joy Of My Life"  (jig)     0808
   C D       "The Joys of Summer"         (air)        0230
 3/4 D       "The Jug And It Full "   DAMAGED IRRETRIEVABLY 
  C| D       "The Jug of Punch"   (reel)     1542
 2/4 G       The Keel Row
 6/8 G       "The Keepsake"         (air)          0575
 6/8 D       "The Kerry Cobbler"   (jig)     0732
  C| A       "The Kerry Huntsman"  (reel)    1447
 2/4 D       "The  Kildare Fancy"  (hornpipe)   1559
  C| G       "The Kilfinane Hornpipe"        1762
 6/8 D       "The Kilfinane Jig"             1070
 6/8 G       "The  Kilkenny Girl"  (jig)     0752
 6/8 C       'The Kilkenny Jig"              0740
 6/8 G       'The Killashandra Lasses"   (jig)  0880
 3/4 F       The King of Denmarks Galiard (11)
 4/4 D       The King of Tabby Manor
 6/8 A       "The King Of The Rath" (march)  1808
 6/8 D       "The Kinnegad Slashers"  (jig)  0901
 3/4 G       the Kirk wad let me be, An
 4/4 G       The Kittenhead Reel
 6/8 A       "The Kneebuckle"      (jig)     0927
 2/4 G       The Knife's Edge
 4/4 F       The Knight on the Road, S. 66
 6/8 C       "The Laccaroo Boys"   (jig)     1007
 6/8 A       "The Ladies of Carrick"  (jig)  0934
     G       "The Ladies Of Leinster"  (reel) 1460
  C| G       "The Ladies' Pantalettes"         (reel)          
  C| D       "The Lady Behind The Boat"  (reel) 1386
 2/4 G       "The Lakeside Road" (hornpipe)  1699
  C| D       "The Lame Fisherman"   (reel)   1198
 6/8 D       The Lark in the Morning
 6/8 D       The Lark in the Morning
 6/8 G       "The Lark in the Morning" (1st Setting) (jig) 1019
 6/8 C       "The Lark in the Morning" (2nd Setting) (jig) 1020
 6/8 Bm      The Larry Hates Mailing List Manager Software Jig
   C F       The Lass O' Corrie Mill
 2/2 Cm      The Lass of Livingston
  C| A       "The Last of the Twins"  (hornpipe) 1601
 4/4 G       The Last Pint
 4/4 D       The Last Straw
 4/4 D       The Launching Of The Boat
 2/2 G       The Leaving of Liverpool
 4/4 G       "The Leinster Outcry" (march)  1847
  C| C       "The Leitrim Thrush" (reel)     1323
 2/4 D       "The Liffey's Silvery Stream"    (air)    0587
  C| G       "The Light In The Window" (hornpipe) 1658
  C| G       "The Lightning Flash"  (reel)   1458
   C G       "The Light Of Other Days"    (song)    0496
  C| D       "The Limerick Lasses"  (reel)   1451
 6/8 C       "The Limerick Tinker"   (jig)   0973
  C| D       "The Lisburn Lasses"   (reel)   1529
   C G       "The Little Bench of Rushes"      (air)      0136
 3/4 G       "The Little Black Rose" (1st setting)  (air)  0070
 3/4 G       "The Little Black Rose"  (2nd Setting)  (air) 
 3/4 D       "The Little Black Rose"  (3rd Setting)  (air)     
 6/8 D       "The Little Fair Child"  (1st Setting)     (air)  
 6/8 A       "The Little Fair Child"  (2nd setting) (air )    
   C D       "The Little Girl Of My Heart"    (air)        
 6/8 G       "The Little Grey Church" (jig)  1069
   C C       "The Little Heathy Hill"       (air)         0003
 6/8 D       "The Little House Under the Hill"  (jig)   0988
 6/8 G       "The Little Red Lark"   (air)   0072
  C| G       "The Little Stack Of Barley" (hornpipe) 1627
 3/4 G       "The Little Swallow "        (air)          0139
 6/8 D       "The Little Yellow Boy" (doublejig) 0706
 6/8 G       "The Little Yellow Road "       (air)        0121
  C| D       "The Liverpool Hornpipe"        1565
  C| A       Thelma MacPherson
  C| A       Thelma MacPherson

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