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 2/4 G       The LNB Polka
 2/4 D       "The Lodge Road"  (longdance)   1790
  C| D       "The Londonderry Hornpipe"      1753
 4/4 Bm      The Lonesome Boatman
 4/4 Dmaj    Thelonious' Fancy
   C C       "The Lord at first had Adam made"
 6/8 D       The Lorgadán (Looregadawn)
 2/4 A       "The Lough Carra Fisherman "      (air)       
 2/4 G       "The Loughrea Lasses"   (air)   0415
   C C       "The Lover's Discourse"    (air)    0492
 6/8 G       "The Lowbacked Car"        (air)        0387
 6/8 G       "The Luck Penny"      (jig)     1098
   C G       "The Lucky Lover"      (air)         0034
 3/4 AAeo    The Lyke Wake Dirge
 2/4 G       Thema. CJF.157
 2/4 G       Thema. CJF.157
 2/4 G       Thema. CJF.157
  C| A       "The Macroom Lasses"  (reel)    1219
  C| D       "The Magpie's Nest"  (reel)     1365
  C| G       "The Maid At The Churn"  (reel)  1462
 6/8 G       "The Maid at the Well" (jig)    0724
 4/4 D       The Maid Behind The Bar
 3/4 D       "The Maiden'     (air)     0174
 4/4 Ador    The Maiden of Maybury
  C| G       The maid I ne'er forgot
  C| D       "The Maid of Athlone"  (reel)   1480
 4/4 C       The Maid of Ballydoo, S. 70
 3/4 G       "The Maid Of Banbridge"     (air)     0350
 3/4 G       "The Maid Of Castlebar"   (air)   0544
 3/4 G       "The Maid Of Lismore"      (air)      0531
  C| G       "The Maid of Listowell" (hornpipe) 1595
 6/8 G       "The Maid Of Selma"        (air)        0250
   C C       "The Maid Of Templemore"     (air)     0394
 6/8 D       "The Maid Of The Golden Tresses"   (air)   0505
 6/8 G       "The Maid On The Green'   (jig)  0853
   C G       "The Maids Of Araglen"     (air)        0104
  C| D       "The Maids Of Mitchellstown"   (reel)  1410
  C| D       "The Maid That Dare Not Tell"    (reel)  1405
   C G       "The Maid Without Dower"    (air)    0611
 4/4 D       The Man from Bunclody (Tom Dunne’s Hornpipe)
 2/4 G       "The Man From Newry"  (hornpipe) 1730
 3/4 G       The Man in the Moon
 4/4 G       The Manions of Mt. Laurel
  C| G       "The Man Of The House"  (reel) 1398
 3/4 C       "The Mantle So Green"        (air)        0357
 6/8 G       "The Man Who Died And Rose Again" (doublejig) 1096
  C| G       "The Man With The Money"  (reel)  1360
 6/8 C       "The Man With The Red Cloak"       (air)       
  C| A       "The Maple Tree"     (reel)     1381
 6/8 A       "The Market Town"     (jig)     0958
 6/8 G       "The Martyr's Lament" (march)   1844
  C| A       "The Mason's Apron"  (reel)     1343
     C       The_Matrix (Made by Ratissia of snowbourne) (1:55)
 3/4 A       Theme
 3/4 C       Theme
 2/4 G       Theme and Variation
 2/4 G       Theme and Variation
 4/4 Bb      Theme for Adams Family
 4/4 Bb      Theme for Adams Family
 3/4 Dmaj    Theme For Scotland
  C| HP      Theme for the Greenlands
  C| HP      Theme for the Greenlands
 4/4 C       Theme From Benny Hill Show
 4/4 C       Theme From Benny Hill Show
 4/4 Bb      Theme from Cheers
 6/8 C       Theme from Concerto #2 in Eb for Horn, K417
 2/4 G       Theme from Dallas
 3/4 Ephr    Theme from "Draumkvedet"
 6/8 C       Theme from España
     C       Theme from Jurassic Park in 3 Stanzas, The
  C| C       Theme From "Rosamunde"
 4/4 C       Theme from "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"
   C Dm      Theme from "Swan Lake"
 4/4 C       Theme from The Office
 4/4 C       Theme from The Office
  C| A       Theme from the Peasant Cantata
   C C       "the Melbourne" Clog Dance
  C| D       "The Men From Mallow"   (hornpipe)  1582
  C| G       "The Men From Ulster" (hornpipe) 1701
 4/4 Edor    Theme Of Casket
  C| D       "The Merry Blacksmith"  (reel)  1509
  C| G       "The Merry Days Of Easter" (reel) 1193
  C| G       "The Merry Gardener" (hornpipe) 1761
  C| G       "The Merry Harriers"   (1st Setting)  (reel) 1338
  C| G       "The Merry Harriers"  (2nd Setting) (reel) 1339
 6/8 D       "The Merry Maiden"    (jig)     1063
  C| G       "The Merrymakers' Club" (hornpipe) 1775
 4/4 D       "The Merry Merchant"  (march)   1843
  C| G       "The Merry Merchant"   (reel)   1313
 6/8 G       "The Merry Old Maid"  (jig)     0738
 6/8 G       "The Merry Old Woman"  (1st Setting) (jig) 0799
  C| G       "The Merry Sisters"  (reel)     1267
  C| G       "The Merry Soldier" (hornpipe)  1630
 9/8 D       "The Merry Tailor"  (slipjig /jig)  1127
 2/4 D       Themes
   C HP      Theme Song from Titanic
  C| G       "The Messenger"         (reel)                1231
 4/4 Em      Theme Vannitaise
 4/4 Emin    Theme Vannitaise
 4/4 Emin    Theme Vannitaise
 4/4 Emin    Theme Vannitaise
 4/4 Emin    Theme Vannitaise
 4/4 Em      Thème Vannitaise
  C| EMin    Theme Vannitaise
 4/4 Emin    Theme Vannitaise
 4/4 Em      Theme Vannitaise (TV)
 4/4 Emin    Theme Vannitaise (Twiglet)
 6/8 Dmix    The Middletown Meltdown
 2/4 G       "The Midnight Dance" (hornpipe) 1608
 4/4 D       The Milky Way
 4/4 D       The Millennium Reel
 6/8 C       "The Miller Of Glanmire" (jig)  0765
  C| A       "The Miller's Daughter" (reel)  1288
   C G       "The Miller's Maid"         (air)         0232
  C| D       "The Miller's Maid"  (reel)     1258
  C| G       "The Milliner's Daughter"  (reel)  1180
 4/4 G       The mill of Kylemore
  C| G       "The Mills Are Grinding"  (1st Setting) (reel) 
  C| D       "The Mills are Grinding" (2nd Setting) (reel) 1379
  C| D       "The Miltown Maid"   (reel)    1329
 6/8 D       "The Miners Of Wicklow"         (jig)         0995
  C| A       "The Minister's Daughter" (reel) 1319
 4/4 G       "The Minstrel Boy"       air/song)     0203
 6/8 G       "The Monaghan Jig"              1033
   C Amix    The Monaghan Twig
  C| A       "The Money Musk" ("Irish Style") (reel)  1361
 6/8 D       "The Monks Of The Screw"       (air)        0020
 6/8 A       "The Mooncoin Jig"              1034
  C| D       "The Mooncoin Reel"             1431
 3/4 D       "The Moonlight Ramble"          (air)         0594
 6/8 D       "The Morning Air"           (song)           0109
 3/4 G       "The Morning Dream"    (air)    0624
 3/4 G       "The Morning Star"     (air)    0422
  C| G       "The Morning Star"   (reel)     1191
 2/4 C       "The Morning Sun"  (damaged?)   (song)    0314
 2/2 G       The Mossy Banks
  C| D       "The Mother-In-Law"  (reel)     1331
 6/8 G       "The Mountaineer's March" (doublejig) 1030
 2/4 G       "The Mountain High"            (air)            
  C| G       "The Mountain Lark"  (1st Setting) (reel) 1243
  C| G       "The Mountain Lark"  (2nd Setting)      (reel)    
  C| A       "The Mountain Rose"  (reel)     1549
  C| G       "The Mountains of Kerry" (hornpipe) 1745
   C G       "The Mountains Of Pomeroy"   (air)    0540
 9/8 A       The Mountain Streams, S. 76
 2/4 D       "The Mountain Top"  (hornpipe) 1583
 6/8 G       "The Mountain Top"        (song)        0419
 6/8 D       "The Mountainy Boy"   (jig)     0750
  C| G       "The Mourne Mountains"  (reel)  1201
  C| G       The Mouse In The Jug
   C D       "The Mower"               (air)                   
 2/4 G       "The Mowing Of The Hay"            (air)          
 6/8 D       The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre (variant)
 2/4 G       "The Mullingar Races"  (hornpipe)  (1st setting) 
 2/4 G       "The Mullingar Races"  (hornpipe) (2nd setting) 
 6/8 G       "The Munster Lass"    (march)   1838
   C G       "The Munster Outcry"  (march)   1849
  C| D       "The Musical Priest"  (reel)    1284
 2/4 G       Then Cherry Tree (3)
 3/4 G       "The New Apron'             (air)             0268
 6/8 G       "The New Cloak"       (jig)     0919
 2/4 G       "THE NEW CONQUEST" -- Contre Dance
     D       "The New Demesne"  (2nd Setting)  (reel)      
 6/8 G       "The New Langolee"            (air)           
 6/8 D       "The New Lesson"             (air)            0488
  C| D       "The New Mail Coach"   (reel)     1302
 6/8 G       "The Newmarried Couple" (jig)   1011
 2/4 G       "The New Moon Hornpipe"         1609
 6/8 G       "The New Pair Of Shoes"  (jig)  0824
  C| G       "The New Potatoes"   (reel)     1505
  C| D       "The New Road"      (reel)      1250
 6/8 G       "The New School"     (march)    1826
 4/4 D       The New Year Alone
 2/4 D       Theniel Menzie's Bony Mary
 9/8 D       "The Night Before Larry Was Stretched"    (air)   
 6/8 G       "The Night Cap"       (jig)     0723
 2/4 G       "The Night Was Calm"    (air)    0582
  C| A       "The Night We Made The Match" (hornpipe) 1636
 4/4 D       Then I'll sleep
 4/4 D       The Noisy Curlew
 6/8 D       "The Northern Road"   (jig)     1025
 2/4 G       "The Northern Troupe" (hornpipe) 1685
 4/4 G       The Nutting Girl
  C| D       Theobald's
  C| D       Theobald's
  C| D       Theobald's.  JJo1.049
  C| D       Theobald's. JJo1.049
   C C       Theodore, The
 2/4 G       Theodore
   C G       Theodore Street (reel)
   C G       Theodore. TWC.169
   C G       Theodore. VWMLa.203
   C G       Theodore. VWMLa.203
 2/4 G       Theodore. Ya.18
 6/8 D       "The Old Beggarman"            (air)            
 2/4 G       "The Old Blind Bard"            (air)          
 3/4 D       "The Old Cloak"         (air)         0288
 4/4 C       * The Old Grand Spey (C whistle 1 note hi)
  C| C       "The Old Grey Gander"  (reel)   1345
 6/8 G       "The Old Grey Goose"   (doublejig)   1000   ABC 

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