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Posted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:14 pm
by FolkDistiller
Hi folks, after being successfull registered I start to ask for help:

1. It would be easier if Iknew some users to which I can talk in German

2. Main problem: to set two notes in one line at the same place ie: [CG] but with stem up at the higher and stem down at the lower note. This would help to avoid lots of staves with just a few notes within.

Thanx for your efforts

The Distiller

Re: stems

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:33 pm
by tallship
A late reply but I've only just joined the forum. If you write [CG] this will be treated as a chord, to separate the two notes and have one stem up and the other down you need to write the parts separately within the same bar using the ampersand symbol e.g.


C3 DFG &G3 x3|

will give you a C with the stem down and a G with the stem up (x3 = nothing for three notes instead of z3 which would print a rest)

Hope that helps!

Re: stems

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:09 pm
by FolkDistiller
Now it was me who did not look at the forum for months.
Thank you for reply. Maybe I'm too stupid to understand the meaning in other cases, so I give you a different example in hope youwill give me another shout.
C2D2E2F2|GABc def2|
f2e2d2c2|BAGF EDdC2|

or, as I type usually
[C2f2][D2e2][E2d2][F2c2]|[GB]A[BG][cF] [dE][eD][f2C2]|

The note "A" in the second bar should have two stems to make the singers clear that they both have to sing it.
Stupid melody, I know. But perhaps an example which shows me much of things I usually type. Last one:

No way to type it with my skills and impossible to type in [...] to have only one line instead of two.
Thanks again
Gunnar the distiller

Re: stems

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:20 pm
by oldberg

I write arrangements to my choir every now and then and I always use the V-tag as follows
In the heading, for the typical SATB-arr., you write like:

V:3 bass
V:4 bass

but you also can add:

V:1 up
V:2 down merge

which forces the soprano stems to point up and vice versa for the alto and the "merge" puts them both at the same line
(and you can of course do the same with the tenor and bass)

I use the following writing full choir scores in just two lines:

V:1 name="Soprano" sname="S" up
V:2 name="Alto" sname="A" down merge
V:3 bass name="Tenor" sname="T" up
V:4 bass name="Bass" sname="B" down merge

where [name] is displayed next to the first system and [sname] next to the following

More ABC to the people! ;)