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No Chord symbol or NC

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:13 am
by MerseyMc
Hi Everyone
This is my first visit to the forum as I am a beginner at using abc notation.
I have read a couple of tutorials and transcribed my first tune into the abc format and successfully imported it into 'abc Explorer'.
It played and looked just like the source music with one exception. The tune I chose was Autumn Leaves. This has a number of bars where chords are not meant to be played. How do I express this in abc notation so that the midi part of the program plays the melody but not the chord at these points. I tried placing NC in parenthesis but this did not work; the NC was displayed as if it were a chord symbol but the chord from the previous bar continued playing.
My transcription attempt is below. I would be most grateful for any advice from anyone who is prepared to give it.
Many thanks.

My First Attempt At Writing A Tune in ‘abc’ Format

T:Autumn Leaves
GAB | “Cm”e4- | “F7”e FGA | “Bb”d d3- | “Gm”d EFG | “Cm”c4- | “D7”c D=E^F | “Gm”B- | B GAB | “Cm”e4- | “F7”e FGA | “Bb”dd3- | “Gm”d EFG | “Cm”c4- | “D7”c AcB | “Gm”G4- | G z^FG | “D7”ADA2- | A AGA | “Gm”B4- | B BAB | “Cm”c4 | “F7”c Ff3/2e/2 | “Bb”d4- | d z^cd | “Cm”ee=cB | “D7”A3e | “Gm”d2d2- | d3G | “C”c3 “Cm”B | “D7”A2BD | “Gm”G4- | G :|

Re: No Chord symbol or NC

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:48 am
by judyminot
You can write "NC" instead of the chord symbol. This will let musicians know not to keep playing the chord in the previous bar but to stop playing chords.