Key Sig for Hardanger fiddles

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Key Sig for Hardanger fiddles

Postby HawksEye » Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:18 pm

Hello- I'm fairly new to ABC and Hardanger fiddling and am trying to convert manuscripts into ABC files.
I'm running into at least three different issues
using Easy ABC 1.3.5 on a Mac

Background: The Hardanger fiddle is often tuned different from a violin, but it is quite standard to transcribe the notes so they "look" like they would be fingered on a regular violin- a common example is the bottom string is usually tuned up one whole note to an "A," instead of the violin "G,". However, it is typical to write music for the Hardanger and note the "A," as a "G," . That makes ABC playback an issue, but I'm actually not worried about that. The result is that a violinist will read the warped notation and put down the correct finger.

1. When Hardanger tunes are in the key of D or A, it is traditional to put a natural sign in the C position "=C" . That tells the violinist not to stretch to the ^C position (because it is actually a B, note. Clear as mud?
So my question is why won't my Easy ABC put a natural sign in the lower C position. I've tried K:D ^C and tried K:D exp ^f ^c =C" but it ignores the capital C and places the natural sign up on the "c" location.

2. It is also typical for Hardanger music to have a chord before the clef (in the first line only) that contains the tuning of the 4 strings. Any sugestions for doing that?

3. Hardanger fiddling makes almost constant use of drone strings and double-stops (think 2 note chords). I find that using chord notation is too messy on paper-- the melody line gets lost, so I often use two voices ( &) within the same bar to keep the music clean. However, if I put a grace note in the lower voice at the beginning of a bar (immediately after the ampersand &), my EasyABC moves the grace notes to the end of the preceding bar. :-( Any fixes to that?

Thanks so much for any input!

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