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MIDI playback skips part "B"

Posted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:59 pm
by CarlRobin
Thank-you for ABC notation ! I use my PC running Windows7 with their media player, and have had no issues. I also use "Tunebook" on my Ipad, and a bluetooth speaker with it set to loop the MIDI continuously for learning and practicing. A couple of tunes just continue to repeat "part A" and never go on to "part B", and this is only with tunebook, not on windows media player. I've "imported" them several times, in case there was some glitch introduced by that process, but it made no difference. The tunes are: 'Gilderoy' from Nottingham Music database (Kevin Briggs), and 'The Old Grey Cat' from the same source (Leslie Dolmen).
I'm describing this issue here, hoping that someone will understand the cause, and be able to further perfect this fantastic resource.