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ABC on GitHub

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:23 am
by laughingman182
I've just recently created git repositories for the following: abc2prt, abcmidi, the abcplus guide, abctab2ps, microabc, abcm2ps, abcmplugin, abcpp, flabc, & runabc. Additionally, I have some of my own projects for abc there, as well, but I figured it'd be a lot more useful if there was some revision control being done.

In particular, I've made the abcm2ps repo with 2 branches: 'dev' & 'fmt'. 'dev' holds the code for the development release of abcm2ps, while 'fmt' includes the stable release along with the formatting files, including the ones from Hudson Lacerda's site.

I'm willing to add whomever I need to to each individual repository for them to commit to the code. I've included the LICENSE and README files as given; I've only had to modify some of them for markdown. Their content remains the same.

To reach me, my email is laughingman182 (at) yahoo (dot) com, and the link to my GitHub repos is