ABCexplorer1.5/GS7.06: user font not available in PDF

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ABCexplorer1.5/GS7.06: user font not available in PDF

Postby vof » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:24 pm

From posts elsewhere, this seems to be a problem. And I'm hitting it too. I think I have done all the right things including the copying the font file into the GS fonts folder, editing Fontmap.GS to include a line specifying the font file name, and creating GS_LIB and GS_FONTMAP env vars.

I wish to use one of my own fonts - Dom Casual - in the Title block of my PDF output. I actually have both Type 1 and TTF versions of this font but I can get neither to be recognised by ABCexplorer in its drop-down font list when formatting my PDF output. The drop-down list always specifies only the 35 standard PS fonts.

If I run the GS 7.06 interpreter gswin32.exe with, then run the GS command /DomCasual DoFont, lo and behold, the font sample is displayed so I know GS is finding and using my font file. Frustratingly, the ABCexplorer editor uses the native TTF fonts on the system so it can be told to use any font which has been installed.

The problem therefore seems to be that the ABCexplorer front-end to the PDF output program (abc2pdf?) assumes that a user will only want to use one of the standard 35 PS fonts for the header/footer/title/voices/words parts of the document.

Does anyone know of, or can suggest, a way to overcome this limitation?



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