Looking for a Software to search for a "range" in ABC Coll..

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Looking for a Software to search for a "range" in ABC Coll..

Postby balimorph » Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:44 pm

Hello everybody,

two months ago i found out about ABC while i was searching for traditional tunes playable at my instrument.

I also found a collection of 19000 traditional tunes on a spanish website. I already began to check every single tune in the collection if it has a note range of a ninth and i wonder if there is an easier way.

So my question is. Is there any known software that is able to filter out tunes from an ABC collection with a specal note range?

I'm using Windows 7, but if there is software available only for an other OS I would install it on a seperate machine (like linix or an older windows distribution)

I would be happy with a "filter" for that but of course I would still have to transpose and check the tunes by myself if they are playable at my german smallpupe.

Kind Regards,

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