forcing abcm2ps line breaks

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forcing abcm2ps line breaks

Postby Jack Campin » Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:12 pm

I edited this using BarFly:

T:Jeff Warschauer's Piece
DFA|"Dm"d^c d A2^G A2|FE F D2 D EF|"Gm"G3 F "(A7)"A/G/F F/E/D|[1 "A7"^GA- A2 z:|\
[2 "Dm" D4 z||
CDE|"F" FC F A2 F A2|cA cA- A4 |[1 "C" G3 A "C7" Bc/B/ AG |"F"^GA- A2 z:|\
[2 "C7"c3 A c/B/A B/A/G|"F" F4 z||
FE^C|"Dm"D4- DEFG | A4- AFED|"A7"^C2 E2 A2- A^G | A2- A^G A=G/F/ F/E/D|
"Dm"D4- DEF^F|"Gm"G4 B4 |"Dm" AD EF "A7"A/G/F F/E/D|"Dm"D4 z :|

BarFly's staff notation is not pretty, but it puts the line breaks where I want them. Four staff lines. Which is what I'm seeing as this board displays it above.

When I export from BarFly to abcm2ps, I get a mess. The line break before the C part is ignored and the tune is allocated to 5 staff lines, with the start of the C part obscurely hidden in the middle of a line.

When exporting to abcm2ps, BarFly gives me a choice between "auto" linebreaks and "every n bars" - neither of which is what I want.

How do I persuade abcm2ps to do what I mean?

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