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Interfacing Electronic Songbook to ABC

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 12:21 am
by daniel_bingamon
I wrote an Electronic Songbook program that is free to the public, it allow the storing of Lyrics and Guitar chords, song list and autotransposition.
Being a Wind Instrument player, I would like to be able to store the melody portion of a song in this as well. It seems that ABC notation would be a good way to do this.
Here's my program:

Any suggestions on an ABC program that I might be able to interface with?

Re: Interfacing Electronic Songbook to ABC

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:47 pm
by Jon Freeman
I see it's a Windows executable. I'm nearly always on Linux.

Anyway, I'd suggest you consider the command line programs:

abcm2ps to produce a postscript file for viewing/printing.

abc2midi and possibly abc2abc from the abcMIDI package to produce a midi and for transposing. There is a postscript converter in this package but abcm2ps is very much the standard.

If you wanted to go further and produce a pdf file from the postscript, you could use ghostscript but whereas the other programs all compile to small files (on my PC, abcm2ps:700K, abc2midi: 260K, abc2abc:126K), the ghostcript executable alone is 19.1Mb and I think other support files are needed. Also, it may need its own install (I've only ever built from source - currently about 30Mb download or used packages in with Linux distributions). It might be a bit much if you are distributing your software although you could always allow it to be used if present on a system.