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best converter for the latest standard

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:18 am
by jpeek345
What is the best free online converter for the latest standard?

What is the best free (offline) Windows converter for the latest standard?

I am not a programmer just a performer/teacher.

I would be happy to spend money if we could have some assurance on this topic.

I was wondering if anyone would go on the line/save some time by offering the name of the best free software
that can truly represent the latest version of the standard?

Its not that I don't appreciate all of the valuable time spent at making this software from past to present.

Its just that I feel we could plain be left-out of the new advances put forth in each new standard.

I see ample talk about formatting but wonder if it is in the standard?

One thing I am looking for is a better way for a part (P:) to be put in a delineating "box".

When alphabetic letters are used for chords- the chords can appear just adjacent to the part letter.

It looks crammed and confusing.

I have a couple of other desires around the code for ABC also.

Anybody else thought this way about their ABC experience?


Jay Peek