Sharing a tune - how

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Sharing a tune - how

Postby skyflyer » Sun Dec 01, 2013 11:56 am

Having searched in vain for an old (but popular) Cornish tune called 'Lamorna", I eventually found the sheet music and have converted it to ABC; I would like to make this file available to anyone else performing the same search, but have no idea how to do so and it isn't obvious from this site, which I guess is just a search engine rather than a repository.

Also being completely new to ABC my file may need some editing! This is the tune

d | "G"Bded | G3d/2d/2 | Bdgd | "C"e3e |
"Am"eAAB | "Am"cc"D7"f3/2e/2 | "C"ed"A"^ce | "D"d3d/2d/2 |
"G"Bded | G3d/2d/2 | Bdgd | "d7"f"C"e2e |
"Am"ed"D7"f3/2e/2 | "Am"ed"D7"f3/2e/2 | "G"d"A"^c"D7"=cF | "G"AG3 |]

Tony Fowler
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Re: Sharing a tune - how

Postby Tony Fowler » Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:06 am

I may have the beginning of some answers to this one. It also related to a question I asked in the Software forum under the topic "Using abc with Wordpress" so I'd like to repeat part of that question here. What I have found is that there are various sites that allow users to post tunes in abc notation. An easy one to join and get into is The Session, . Although focused on Irish music it is by no means limited to Irish tunes. Others you might try are Folk Tune Finder and the Traditional Tune Archive . There's also some discussion of the Traditional Tune Archive on The Session, here: One to try for English tunes (and Cornish?) might be Folkopedia - but that one seems to have no good facility for posting tunes in abc notation. The tune I was researching just had links to sound files and abc files hosted elsewhere, and that may be the norm for this site. Perhaps the EFDSS is nervous about copyrights.

This brings me back to one of the questions I asked in under my "Wordpress" question, which is - what's the best site for hosting a personal tunebook to make it available publicly? The answer might be among the sites I have already mentioned, but I'd like to hear from others who have experience of doing this.

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