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abcjs - a new feature for the forums

Postby cwalshaw » Mon May 17, 2010 3:00 pm

NEWS: I've just installed abcjs in the forums - the marvellous new javascript rendering engine abc from Gregory Dyke and Paul Rosen.

How does it work - well just paste some abc into a forum post and (provided you've got javascript turned on in your browser), the post should automatically included the dots and a midi player!

T:Speed the Plough
|:GABc dedB|dedB dedB|c2ec B2dB|c2A2A2BA|
|GABc dedB|dedB dedB|c2ec B2dB|A2F2G4:|
|:g2gf g2Bd|g2fe dBGB|c2ec B2dB|c2A2A2df|
|g2gfg2Bd|g2fe dBGB|c2ec B2dB|A2F2G4:|

The only restrictions are that the abc has to include an X: field (so that abcjs can recognise it) and that, due to a technical Microsoft restriction, Internet Explorer will not display the midi player (though it works just fine in FireFox).

Apart from that it works like magic.



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