tell MIDI to ignorevariants at end of tune in playback

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tell MIDI to ignorevariants at end of tune in playback

Postby timmr228 » Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:03 pm

I'm transcribing some tunes that list partial measures of variants for prior measures at the end of the tune.
I wish to signal the midi player to either turn volume off at this point or to stop play. The last line below is what I want ignored in playback.
Any one have any ideas ? I tried %%MIDI control 7 0 and %%MIDI control 123 with no success.
The overlays are for drone notes, they don't display in proper place on the forum but they display in place with my parser

T:Old Mother Gum
C:Hogg, V, 1948, JB.
N:Dance to the Fiddle, March to the Fife p.75
Hdc|[D2B2] G2 [G,2D2] [G,2G2]|"^A" BddB G2 [DA]B & D4x4| cBA[AF]- [AF]AAB & D8| cBAF- F2 dc & x4A4|
[D2B2]G2 [G,2D2][G,2G2]|BddB G2 [DA]B & D4x4|cBAA [FA]AAd & D4x4|[G2B2]G2 [G2B2]||
z2|Bd2dd2d2|[DB]dBA "^B"GF G2|^ce2ee2e2|^cecB "^C"AF [D2A2]|
Bd2dd2d2|[DB]dBA [B,2G2] [DA]B|cBAA FA-Ad &D4xF3|"^D"B2G2G2 & x2B4|]
"^Var. A"Bc||"^B"G2||"^C"A2 [D2A2]|| "^D"B2[G2B2][G2B2][G2B2]||

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