Scotch Corner! Scotch Corner!

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Scotch Corner! Scotch Corner!

Postby Breton dance » Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:04 am

Here is a jig I composed as a family joke. I should be interested to read how others found it after giving it a try. If it is worth using, be my guest. You can freely pass it on, but please acknowledge my authorship.

T:Scotch Corner! Scotch Corner!
C:Keith Topham
N:For Simon and Dawn, to mark their frequent trips
N:between Lincolnshire and Scotland
d |: BGG GFG | A<FE D2d | BGG GFG | A<dd d2c | BGG GAB | c<ee edc |
B<dG G<cF |1 G3-G2 d :|2 G3-G2 B |: cee edc | B<dd d2B | Acc cBA | B<de d2B|
cee edc | B<dd d2B |1 AAA AB^c | d<DD D2B :|2 B<dB A<cF | G3 G2 |]

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