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abc mobile site info

You are currently viewing the abc mobile site, a version of the tune-search optimised for smart-phone and other mobile devices.

What's it for?

Most pages in the tune search contain music in staff notation (the "dots"). If you are using a mobile device to look at the full size website, they may be too small to read.

Portrait or landscape (or full size website)?

If your device has a screen width of 480 pixels or more you should be able to view the site in either portrait or landscape orientation. If it is less than 480 we recommend landscape to see the "dots" more clearly.

If your device has a screen width of 800 pixels or more you might be better off viewing the full size website - it is 1024 pixels wide but the main content panel (on the left) is 860 wide.

What am I missing?

The mobile site has been built primarily to display the abc tune search and essentially carries the same information. The only thing currently missing from the tune search on the mobile site is the tune browsing pages (coming soon).

The mobile site also has a list of abc apps for mobiles; for PC, Mac & Linux software you should visit the full size version.

Apart from that the full size version also includes examples & links to tutorials, the abc standard, a blog and discussion forums.

Is it finished?

The mobile site was launched on 1st March 2012 and is under active development, with much better resolution for the "dots" on tune pages released in July 2012. There's more stuff in the pipeline including tune browsing pages. Please if you have any suggestion.

Can I comment?

Please email any comments, corrections, suggestions, and anything else regarding this site to If the site isn't working as you would expect it to, please also include details of the mobile device that you are using.

Note for newcomers: welcome to the abc mobile site! Here is just a taste of what else you can find at

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