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The blog, forums and wiki are created from off-the-shelf software (WordPress, phpBB and DokuWiki respectively). The main website is custom built.

NB In the following diagram, entries in square brackets [like this] indicate multiple pages. Entries which are not part of the main website are shown in italics.

Level 1 Item  home page
Level 3 Item  charts
Level 2 Item  tune search
Level 3 Item  [search results]
Level 4 Item  [tune pages]
Level 3 Item  [browse tunes]
Level 3 Item  tune collections
Level 3 Item  search help
Level 3 Item  copyright
Level 2 Item  software
Level 3 Item  abc2mtex
Level 2 Item  learn
Level 3 Item  [wiki] (containing the abc standard)
Level 3 Item  examples
Level 2 Item  discuss
Level 3 Item  [forums]
Level 2 Item  about
Level 3 Item  history
Level 2 Item  [blog] (blog site map)
Level 2 Item  mmorpg
Level 2 Item  contact
Level 2 Item  privacy

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