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Project Climax encompasses a number of exciting musical ventures.

Before the Climax Ceilidh Band there were 2 trios called Meridian and Pesky. Both were experienced at performing in concert situations at folk clubs and festivals, and both were expert at intricate arrangements, subtle movements in the music, and cohesion between the musicians that is rare to find and magic to listen to.

The Climax Ceilidh Band combines these skills with their wealth of experience of playing for dancing and has ended up with music that is both great to dance to and spellbinding to hear. The Climax Ceilidh Band are at the forefront of the e-ceilidh movement - a mix of English & Celtic music and dance where dancing is more important than the dance and the purpose is to party.

The Climax Concert Party is an inevitable evolution, combining the very best of our material and fantastic new arrangements to take you on a journey of musical heaven. Let the dancing whistle take you by the hand and whisk you over chords you didn't know existed, haunting voices that shoot straight into your heart, and sweet melodies that leave you with a warm glow.

Climax music is as good to listen to as it is to dance to. In a concert situation, people can really appreciate the intricate arrangements, textures and dynamics which go into Climax's tunes. This is also an opportunity to hear a wider range of music which the band members are interested in and also to hear the lovely singing of Anna Tabbush.

The band writes a lot of its own material, while maintaining all that is best from the traditional repertoire. They make music which is as good for the ears as it is for the dancers. Their unusual and original slants on the music, and diverse musical influences, make them sound like no other ceilidh band.

"Jazzy interludes, lacey-interweaving, meaty hooks, a sense of swing and exuberance ... miles from ordinary."
Sing Out magazine (USA)

  Richard Jones - Accordion
  Holly Sheldrake - Fiddle
  Anna Tabbush - Fiddle / Vocals
  Chris Walshaw - Pipes / Whistles
  Mark Weaver - Guitar

Website: www.climaxceilidhband.co.uk

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