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VIII. Burst forth my tears

Found in allparts.abc from the Serpent Publications abc collection
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VIII. Burst forth my tears Tenor. John Dowland (From The First Booke of songs or Ayres of foure parts, with Tableture for the Lute) 1. Burst, burst forth my tears, as sist, as sist 2. Sad, sad pin ing care, that ne ver, ne 3. Like, like to the winds my sighs, my sighs my for ward griefe, And shew what pain, pain im per ver may have peace, At beau ties gate, gate in hope have wing ed beene; Yet are my sighes, sighes and sutes ious love pro vokes, im per ious love pro vokes. of pi tie knocks; in hope of pi tie knocks; re paid with mocks: and sutes re paid with mocks: Kinde ten der lambes, la ment la ment loves scant re But mer cy sleepes while deep dis daine, dis daine in I pleade, yet she, yet she re pi neth at my liefe, re liefe, And pine, since pen sive care, since crease, in crease, And beau tie hope in her faire, teene, my teene, O ruth lesse ri gour har der, pen sive care my free dome yokes. in her faire bo some yokes. ri gour har der then the rocks, O pine, to see me pine, to see me pine, O O grieve to heare my griefe, to heare my griefe, O That both the she pheard kills, the she pheard kills, That pine, to see me pine, my ten der flockes. grieve to heare my griefe, my ten der flockes. both the she pheard kills, and his poore flocks. www.abcnotation.com/tunes

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