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Found in 1806.abc from the John Chambers music book abc collection
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the HIGHLAND LADDIE 1806 The Law land lads think they are fine, But 8 6 O they're vain and i dly gau dy; How much un like the grace fu' mein, And man ly looks of my High land lad die. O my bon ny High land lad die, My hand some charm ing High land lad die; May heav'n still guard, and love re ward, The Law land lass and her High land lad die. 2. If I were free at will to chuse, To be the wealthiest Lawland lady, I'd tak young Donald without trews, With bonnet blue and belted plaidy, O my bonny, &c. 3. The brawest beau in burrows town, In a' his airs, wi' art made ready, Compar'd to him, he's but a clown, He's finer far in's tartan plaidy, O my bonny, &c. 4. O'er benty hill wi' him I'll run, And leave my Lawland kin and daddy; Frae winters cauld, and simmer's sun, He'll screen me wi' his Highland plaidy. O my bonny, &c. 5. A painted room, and silken bed, May please a Lawland laird and lady; But I can kiss, and be as glad, Behind a bush, in's Highland plaidy. O my bonny, &c. 6. Few compliments between us pass; I ca' him my dear Highland laddie, And he ca's me his Lawland lass, Syne rows me in beneath his plaidy, O my bonny, &c. 7. Nae greater joy I'll e'er pretend, Than that his love prove true and steady, Like mine to him, which ne'er shall end, While heav'n preserves my Highland laddie, O my bonny, &c. the HIGHLAND LASSIE to the same air 1. The Lawland maids gang trig and fine, But aft they're sour and unco sausy; Sae proud, they never can be kind, Like my good-humour'd Highland lassie. O my bonny Highland lassie, My hearty smiling Highland lassie; May never care mak thee less fair, But bloom of youth still bless my lassie. 2. Than ony lass in burrows-town, Wha mak their cheeks wi' patches mottie, I'd tak my Katie but a gown, Bare-footed, in her little coatie, O my bonny, &c. 3. Beneath the brier or brecken bush Whene'er I kiss and court my dawtie, Happy and blythe as ane wad wish, My flighterin heart gangs pittie-pattie. O my bonny, &c. 4. O'er highest heathery hills I'll sten'd, Wi' cockit gun and ratches tenty, To drive the deer out o' their den. To feast my lass on dishes dainty, O my bonny, &c. 5. There's nane shall dare, by deed or word, 'Gainst her to wag a tongue or finger, While I can weild my trusty sword, Or frae my side whisk out a whinger. O my bonny, &c. 6. The mountains clad with purple bloom, And berries ripe, invite my treasure To range with me; let great fouk gloom, While wealth and pride confound their pleasure. O my bonny, &c. www.abcnotation.com/tunes

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