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Found in Bonny_Dundee.abc from the John Chambers music book abc collection
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BONNY DUNDEE 1806 O whare did ye get that hau ver meal ban nock? O 4 6 sil ly blind bo dy, O din na ye see? I gat it frae a young brisk sod ger lad die, Be tween Saint Johns toun and bon by Dun dee. O gin I saw the lad die that gae me't! Aft has he doud l'd me u pon his knee; May hea ven pro tect my bon ny Scots lad die, And send him safe hame to his ba by and me. 2. My blessings upon that sweet wee lippie, My blessings upon that bonny ee-brie! Thy smiles are sae like my blythe sodger laddie, Thou's ay the dearer and dearer to me. But I'll big a bower on yon bonny banks, Where Tay rins wimplin by sae clear, And I'll clead thee in the tartan sae fine, And mak thee a man like thy daddy dear. ANOTHER SET to the same air 1. Whare gat ye that bonny blue bannet? O silly blind body, canna ye see? I gat it frae a bonny Scots cailan, At ween Saint Johnstoun and bonny Dundee. And O, gin I saw but the laddie that gae me't! Fu' aft has he doudl'd me upon his knee; But now he's awa, and I dinna ken whare he's; O gin he was back to his minny and me! 2. My heart has nae room when I think on my dawty; His dear rosy haffets bring tears in my ee: But now he's awa, and I dinna ken whare he's; Gin we could ance meet, we'se ne'er part till we die. And O, gin I saw but my bonny Scots callan! Fu' aft hae he doudl'd me upon his knee; But now he's awa, and I dinna ken whare he's; O gin he was back to his minny and me! JESSIE to the same air 1. True-hearted was he, the sad swain o' the Yarrow, And fair are the maids on the banks o' the Ayr; But by the sweet side o' the Nith's winding river, Are lovers as faithful, and maidens as fair. To equal young Jessie, seek Scotland all over: To equal young Jessie you seek it in vain; Grace, beauty, and elegance, fetter her lover, And maidenly modesty fixes the chain. 2. O fresh is the rose in the gay dewy morning, And sweet is the lily at evening close; But in the fair presence o' lovely young Jessie, Unseen is the lily, unheeded the rose. Love sits in her smile a wizard ensnaring; Enthron'd in her ee he delivers his law; And still to her charms she alone is a stranger; Her modest demeanour's the jewel of a'. www.abcnotation.com/tunes

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