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Found in Ewie_Wi_the_Crooked_Horn.abc from the John Chambers music book abc collection
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the EWIE WI' THE CROOKED HORN 1811 O were I a ble to re hearse, My ew ie's praise in pro per verse, I'd sound it out as loud and fierce, As e ver pi pers drone cou'd blaw. The ew ie wi' the crook ed horn Well de serv'd baith garse and corn Sic a ew ie ne'er was born, Here a bout, or far a wa'. 2. I neither needed tar nor keel, To mark upo' her hip or heel; Her crooked horn it did as weel, To ken her by amo' them a'. The ewie, &c. 3. She never threaten'd scab nor rot, But keeped ay her ain jog trot, Baith to the fauld and to the cot, Was never sweer to lead nor ca'. The ewie, &c. 4. Nae cauld nor hunger e'er her dang, Nor win' nor rain cou'd e'er her wrang; For anes she lay, a hale week lang, Aneath a drearie wreathe o' snaw. The ewie, &c. 5. When ither ewes they lap the dyke, And ate the kail for a' the tyke, My ewie never play'd the like, But tees'd about the barn-yard wa'. The ewie, &c. 6. A better, nor a thriftier beast, Nae honest man cou'd weel hae wist, For, bonny thing, she never mist To hae ilk year a lamb or twa. The ewie, &c. 7. The first she had I gae to Jock, To be to him a kind of stock, And now the laddie has a flock, O' mair than thirty head to ca'. The ewie, &c. 8. The neist I gae to Jean, and now The bairn's sae bra', has fauld sae fu', That lads sae thick come her to woo, They're fain to sleep on hay or straw. The ewie, &c. 9. I looked ay at even' for her, For fear the fumart might devour her, Or some mishanter had come o'er her, If the beastie bade awa'. The ewie, &c. 10. Yet Monday last, for a' my keeping, I canna' speak it without greeting, A villain came, when I was sleeping, An' staw my ewie, horn and a'. The ewie, &c. 11. I sought her sair upo' the morn, And down beneath a buss o' thorn I got my ewie's crooked horn; But, ah! my ewie was awa'. The ewie, &c. 12. But gin I had the lown that did it, I've sworn and ban'd, as weel as said it, Tho' a' the world shou'd forbid it, I wad gie his neck a thraw. The ewie, &c. 13. I never met wi' sic a turn As this since ever I was born, My ewie wi' the crooked horn, Poor silly ewie! stown awa.' The ewie, &c. www.abcnotation.com/tunes

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