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CAULD KAIL IN ABERDEEN 1806 There's cauld kail in A ber deen, And cas tocks in Stra' 4 2 bo gie, Where il ka lad maun hae his lass, But I maun hae my co gie. For I maun hae my co gie, troth, I can na want my co gie: I wad na gie my three gird cog For a' the wives in Bo gie. 2. Johnny Smith has got a wife Wha scrimps him o' his cogie; But were she mine, upon my life, I'd duck her in a bogie. For I maun hae my cogie, troth, I canna want my cogie; I wadna gie my three-gird cog For a' the wives in Bogie. 3. Twa or three todlin weans they hae, The pride o' a' Stra'bogie; Whene'er the totums cry for meat, She curses ay his cogie; Crying, "Wae betide the three-gird cog! "Oh, wae betide the cogie! "It does mair skaith than a' the ills "That happen in Stra'bogie." 4. She fand him ance at Willie Sharp's; And, what they maist did laugh at, She brake the bicker, spilt the drink, And tightly gowff'd his haffet, Crying, "Wae betide the three-gird cog! "Oh, wae betide the cogie; "It does mair skaith than a' the ills "That happen in Stra'bogie." 5. Yet here's to ilka honest soul Wha'll drink wi' me a cogie; And for ilk silly whingin fool We'll duck him in the bogie. For I maun hae my cogie, Sirs, I canna want my cogie: I wadna gie my three-gird cog For a' the queans in Bogie, ANOTHER SET to the same air 1. There's cauld kail in Aberdeen, And castocks in Stra'bogie; Gin I hae but a bonny lass, Ye're welcome to your cogie, And ye may sit up a' tbe night, And drink till it be braid day-light: Gie me a lass that's clean and tight, To dance the reel o' Bogie. 2. In cotillons the French excel, John Bull in country dances; The Spaniards dance fandangos well; Mynheer an al'mande prances: In foursome reels the Scots delight, At threesome they dance wondrous light, But twasome ding a' out o' sight, Danc'd to the reel o' Bogie. 3. Come lads, and view your partner's well, Wale each a blythesome rogie; I'll tak this lassie to mysel, She looks sae keen and vogie: Now, piper lad, bang up the spring; The country fashion is the thing, To prie their mou's ere we begin To dance the reel o' Bogie. 4. Now ilka lad has got his lass, Save yon auld doited Fogie, And ta'en a fling upon the grass, As they do in Stra'bogie: But a' the lasses look sae fain, We canna think oursels to hain, For they maun hae their come-again To dance the reel o' Bogie. 5. Now a' the lads hae done their best. Like true men o' Stra'bogie; We'll stop a while and tak a rest, And tipple out a cogie. Gome now, my lads, and tak your glass, And try each other to surpass, In wishing health to ev'ry lass, To dance the reel o' Bogie, www.abcnotation.com/tunes

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