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Found in alltunes.abc from the John Chambers music book abc collection
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COME UNDER MY PLAIDY 1806 Come un der my plai dy, the night's gaun to fa', Come 8 6 in frae the cauld blast, the drift, and the snaw; Come un der my plai dy, and lie down be side me, There's room in't, be lieve me, dear las sie, for twa. Come un der my plai dy, and lie down be side me, I'll hap ye frae ev' ry cauld blast that will blaw; Come un der my plai dy, and lie down be side me, There's room in't, dear las sie, be lieve me, for twa. 2. `Gae 'wa wi' your plaidy! auld Donald, gae 'wa! `I fear na the cauld blast, the drift, nor the snaw: `Gae 'wa wi' your plaidy--I'll no lie beside ye, `Ye might be my gutchard; auld Donald, gae 'wa! `I'm gaun to meet Johnny, he's young and he's bonny, `He's been at Meg's bridal, fu' trig and fu' braw; `O there's nane dance sae lightly, sae graoefu', sae tightly, `His cheeks are like roses, his brow's like the snaw.' 3. "Dear Marion, let that flie stick fast to the wa'; "Your Jock's but a gowk, and has naething ava; "The hale o' his pack he has now on his back: "He's thretty, and I am but threescore and twa. "Be frank now and kindly, I'll busk ye ay finely; "At kirk or at market they'll nane gang sae braw; "A bien house to bide in, a chaise for to ride in, "And flunkies to 'tend ye as fast as ye ca'." 4. `My father ay tell'd me, my mither and a', `Ye'd mak a gude husband, and keep me ay braw; `It's true I loe Johnny, he's young and he's bonny, `But, wae's me, I ken he has naething ava! `I hae little tocher, ye've made a good offer; `I'm now mair than twenty, my time is but sma'; `Sae gie me your plaidy, I'll creep in beside ye, `I thought ye'd been aulder than threescore, and twa!' 5. She crap in ayont him, beside the stane wa', Whare Johnny was listning, and heard her tell a'; The day was appointed, his proud heart it dunted, And strack 'gainst his side, as if bursting in twa. He wander'd hame weary, the night it was dreary, And thowless, he tint his gate 'mang the deep snaw: The howlet was screaming, while Johnny cry'd, "Women "Wad marry Auld Nick, if he'd keep them ay braw. "O the deil's in the lasses! they gang now sae braw, "They'll lie down wi' auld men o' threescore and twa; "The hale o' their marriage is gowd and a carriage; "Plain love is the cauldest blast now that can blaw. "Auld dotards, be wary! tak tent wha ye marry; "Young wives wi' their coaches they'll whup and they'll ca', "Till they meet wi' some Johnny that's youthfu' and bonny, "And they'll gie a horn on ilk haffet to claw," TIBBIE DUNBAR to the same air 1. O wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar? O wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar? Wilt thou ride on a horse, or be drawn in a car, Or walk by my side, O sweet Tibbie Dunbar. I care na thy daddy, his lands and his money; I care na thy kin, sae high and sae lordly: But say thou wilt hae me for better or waur, And come in thy cotie, sweet Tibbie Dunbar. www.abcnotation.com/tunes

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