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Golden days of good Queen Bess, The TS.199

Found in Sands MS(12-4-16).abc from the Chris Partington abc collection
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Golden days of good Queen Bess, The TS.199 Words by William Collins 1721- 1759 (Lincolnshire) = 100 To my muse give att en tion and deem it not a mys ter y, If we jum ble to get her, mus ic, po et ry and his to ry The times to dis pl ay in the days of Queen B ess, Sir, Whose name and whose mem' ry pos ter it y may bl ess, Sir. O the gol den days of g ood Qu een Bess Merr y be the mem or y of g ood Qu een Bess. Then we laugh'd at the bugbears of Dons and armadas, With their gunpowder puffs, and their blust'ring bravadoes; For we knew how to manage both the musket, and the bow, Sir, And could bring down a Spaniard, just as easy as a crow, Sir. O the golden days of good Queen Bess, Then our streets were unpav'd, and our houses were thatch'd Sir Our windows were lattic'd, and our doors only latch'd Sir; Yet so few were the folks that would plunder and rob Sir, That the hangman was starving for want of a job, Sir O the golden days &c Then ladies with large ruffs, tied round about the neck fast Would gobble up a pound of beef steak for their breakfast, While a close quill'd up coif their noddles did fit, Sir, And they truss'd up as tight, as a rabbit for the spit, Sir. O the golden days &c. Their jerkins and doublets, and yellow worsted hose, Sir With a huge pair of whiskers, was the dress of our beaux, Sir Strong beer they preferred to claret or hock, Sir. And no poultry they priz'd, like the wing of an ox, Sir O the golden days &c Good neighbourhood then was as plenty too as beef, Sir And the poor from the rich ne'er wanted relief, Sir; While merry went the mill clack the shuttle and the plough, Sir Anmd honest men could live by the sweat of their brow, Sir. O the golden days &c Then football & wrestling, & pitching the bar Sir Were preferr'd to a flute, to a fiddle, or guitar, Sir: And for jaunting and junketting, the fav'rite regale Sir, Was a walk as far as Chelsea, to demolish buns, and ale, Sir. O the golden days &c When the folks, ev'ry Sunday, went twice at least to church, Sir And never left the parson or his sermon in the lurch, Sir, For they judg'd that the Sabbath was for people to be good in, Sir, And they thought it Sabbath breaking, if they din'd without a pudding Sir. O the golden days &c The our great men were good, and our good men were great, Sir And the props of the nation were the pillars of the state, Sir For the Sov'reign and subject one interest supported And our powerful alliance by all powers then was courted, Sir O the golden days &c Then the high and mighty states, to their everlasting stain, Sir, By Britons were releas'd from the galling yoke of Spain, Sir. And the rous'd British lion all Europe then combin'd, Sir Undismay'd, would have scatter'd them, like chaff before the wind Sir O the golden days &c Thus they ate, and they drank, & they work'd & they play'd, Sir, Of their friends not asham'd, or their enemies afraid Sir, And little did they think, when this ground they stood on, Sir To be drawn from the life, now they're all dead and gone Sir. O the goldendays &c. www.abcnotation.com/tunes

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