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 --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
 +=== Another summary of the fundamental premises of all my proposals ===
 +from one of my messages to the abcusers forum, to my best knowledge representing a general consensus:
 +  - The abc standard defines a way to communicate music in its essence, not in typesetting details.
 +  - Clefs and ottava settings are considered parts of that essence in a wider sense, which means that the author must be able, but not forced, to control them completely - see remark below.
 +  - Concert scores and shared staves should be supported "​one-off",​ which implies an administration of deviating clef and ottava settings.
 +  - The third "​one-off"​ operation is overall transposition,​ typically by small intervals; deviating clef and ottava settings will not be administered.
 +  - abc is about standard ("​western"​) music notation, which deals with *notes* and some symbols. Notes are abstract objects like "​sounding _A,," plus a note value such as "​eighth"​. Their mapping to actual sound is culture and context dependent, guided by conventions,​ "​stylistic feeling",​ improvisation,​ and the composer'​s comments. Some genres tend to ignore some aspects of notation and add other distinctions. In the standard, playback software is only viewed as a tool to control acoustically those "notes intended to sound"​. (Actual playback software may try to be more "​intelligent"​.)
 +Most of this is a logical consequence of existing abc, the rest follows from the consensual parts of our discussions about transposition.
 +All programmes *must* have the same understanding of the "​essence",​ unless defined to the contrary (e.g. "​clef=auto"​). Proprietory language elements should ideally be syntactically distinguishable,​ and safe to ignore. (Remember those chaotic web pages saying "​Optimized for Internet Explorer 3.0"? That is the opposite of a standard.)
 +Remark about item 2.: This is particularly **necessary** because abc does not know about conventions typical for various instruments. But in fact these items often convey an "​essential"​ message from the composer, beyond those conventions. The simplest example is striving to avoid clef or ottava changes in the midst of a musical phrase. Of course, there is also an aspect of the printer'​s or player'​s personal taste. Softwere automatisms in the sense of "​clef=auto"​ are welcome as *options*. The respective commands might become more sophisticated later, e.g. "​clef=auto:​bass;​tenor"​ or even "​clef=auto:​bass:​3;​tenor:​2"​.
 +If anybody challenges those premises, please specify which one, and what other principle you would prefer to apply.
 === Appendix === === Appendix ===
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 **["<​text>"​]**\\ **["<​text>"​]**\\
 An arbitrary text, to be displayed at the beginning of the dashed line. Defaults are "​8va"​ (for +/-1) and "​15ma"​ (for +/-2). An arbitrary text, to be displayed at the beginning of the dashed line. Defaults are "​8va"​ (for +/-1) and "​15ma"​ (for +/-2).
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