advertise here is the home of abc notation - the text based musical notation system - on the web.

The de facto standard for folk and traditional music, abc is also very popular for early and renaissance music and forms part of the Lord of the Rings Online game. As a result this site is visited by hundreds of musicians every day from all over the world (with over 95% of traffic from Europe, North America & Australasia).

Key statistics (averaged over fourth quarter, 2023)
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advertising overview

There are two different ways you can advertise on the site:

  • on-page - also known as banner advertising - your ad appears at the top, side or within every page, randomly rotated with other ads (the orange boxes on this page show the locations)
  • sponsor directory - your ad appears on its own page, linked from a directory of sponsors

All ad campaigns are arranged and paid in advance and you choose and provide the artwork and/or text. Other straightforward terms & conditions apply.

A number of special & introductory offers are available.

For a price quote or to discuss the possibilities, please contact us
with brief details of what you intend to advertise and a link to your website.

Or for more information, read on.

on-page (banner) advertising - the details

On-page adverts appear alongside abc related content on:

NB The adverts do not appear on printable versions of the above pages (click here for an example - the printable version of this page), nor on sponsor pages. Also adverts are only shown on the main website and not on forum pages, the blog, the wiki and legacy abc2mtex pages, none of which carry advertising.

The adverts are rotated randomly with other adverts (either other on-page campaigns or Google AdSense adverts).

On-page ad campaigns are booked on a monthly basis (paid in advance). The cost of a campaign depends on:

  • the location and size of the ad unit - there are three possible choices (indicated on this page):
    • top centre banner, 468 x 60 pixels (width x height)
    • upper right skyscraper, 120 x 600 pixels (width x height)
    • in-page centre text, 468 x 15 pixels (width x height)
  • the length of the campaign - there are discounts for longer bookings
  • the rotation frequency - for example a 10% frequency would mean the ad randomly appearing on 1 out of every 10 pages served; 100% would mean it appearing on every page

See below for special & introductory offers.

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sponsor directory - the details

Sponsor adverts appear on their own page - linked from the directory of site sponsors - together with up to 500 words.

Sponsor ad campaigns run for 6 months at a time (paid in advance). You provide the artwork and can choose what the text will say.

See below for special & introductory offers.

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special & introductory offers

  • 3 for 2: buy a 3 month on-page advertising campaign for the price of 2 months
  • complimentary sponsor ad: buy an on-page advertising campaign with a 10% (or more) rotation frequency and get a sponsor ad completely free for the duration of your campaign
  • free introductory sponsor ad: get a 1 month sponsor ad completely free (max. one per customer)

how to arrange an ad campaign

To arrange an ad campaign, or find out more, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact us for a price quote (or more information). Please supply brief details of what you would like to advertise and a link to your website.
  2. Once a price is agreed you supply the artwork (and text for sponsor pages).
  3. Only once the artwork is accepted will you be invoiced. Payment is via PayPal and can be made by credit or debit card.

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terms & conditions

  1. Adverts must be appropriate for visitors to the site. reserves the right to refuse inappropriate adverts, prior to invoicing, and may do so without giving any justification.
  2. Links to advertiser websites will be tagged with the nofollow attribute in accordance with Google's webmaster guidelines (note - this is a technical requirement to avoid manipulating search engine results and has no affect on how users see and interact with the links).
  3. The advertiser is responsible for providing all of the artwork (and text for sponsor pages). Artwork must be at the correct size, must be provided in .jpg or .png format and must not be animated. It should not exceed 50Kb.
  4. Campaigns must be booked and paid for, with all artwork and text supplied, at least 7 days before the campaign is due to start.
  5. All campaigns are based on calendar months. They start at 00:00 GMT on the first day of the month and end at 23:59 GMT on the last day of the month.
  6. Payment must be made by PayPal.
  7. Refunds are possible if requested at least 3 days before a campaign is due to start, but will be subject to charges to cover PayPal costs, foreign exchange costs (if applicable) and administration.
  8. No refunds are possible once a campaign has started.

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contact details

Email is usually the best way making contact, but if you want to speak to a human, don't hesitate to call.

Phone:+44 (0)1622 814 625 (UK)

(Spam protection: you will need javascript enabled to see the email address - if this is a problem send an email to "advertise" at this website -

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