Just back …

… from that wonderful institution of the UK folk scene, Sidmouth Folk Week.

Had an absolutely splendid time (despite the rain), although I was only there half the week.

Utterly exhausted now though, especially after Thursday’s marathon – did a concert with Meridian, dashed up to the Bulverton to play for the end of a dance workshop and then dashed back into town for a three and a half hour ceilidh with Climax at the Blackmore Gardens – ten hours of playing and / or soundchecks!

So what has this got to do with abc notation?

Well nothing much, apart from the fact that I met several people who had heard the radio programme (and had a quick chat with Johnny Adams who founded the Village Music Project and was also interviewed).

What surprised me most is the number of people who didn’t know about the programme but happened to have Radio 4 on at the time it went out. Loads of them!

Truly, Radio 4 is the voice of the people.


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