New look

Not content with giving the blog a makeover, I’ve just redesigned the page layout for the rest of the site.

The new cleaner, simpler design has just two columns on each page – the main one on the left containing the content and navigation, and a narrow “extras” column on the right with various buttons, adverts and the clustrmap which shows where all the visitors have come from. It’s more straightforward than previously and hopefully the pages will load a bit faster too. What’s more the navigation menu has a logo and is now horizontal at the top of the page, making the layout cleaner and a bit more compact, to my eye at least.

I’ve also rejigged the content of some of the pages, including the home, discuss, about and contact pages. Hopefully, it’s a little easier to find what you want now.

Finally, there’s a donate button (top right if you hadn’t noticed) for those of you who would like to buy me a virtual pint.

Anyway, I hope you like the new format – comments and (constructive) criticism welcome.


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