Twice as big

I’ve just released a new edition of the tune search and I’m pleased to announce that it’s massively increased in size now with over 275,000 tunes indexed and available for searching!

About half of those are duplicates and another 15% are copyright, but that still leaves over 120,000 non-duplicate, non-copyright abc tunes to discover. It took a bit of work to squeeze them all on to the server but the backend system is now much leaner and hopefully faster.

On that note I’ve also put some effort into making the pages load a bit faster. The site still isn’t nearly as responsive as I’d like, but it’s definitely better than it was and I’ve got some more ideas to try.

Finally, other minor updates include:

  • another composer, Paul Gitlitz, has given consent for his tunes to appear here – thanks Paul
  • any software that has been added to the software page in the last 3 months is given a new label automatically
  • some more software links – see the software page and look for the new label
  • a link to Steve Merrony’s quick reference chart


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