April updates

A quick round up of the changes to the site since the last update in February:

  • There are a number of new additions to the software page including help for converting abc to/from MusicXML and a related (and new) abc editor program called EasyABC.
  • Two more composers have agreed that their tunes can be displayed at abcnotation.com and have been added to the consent list.
  • I’ve enhanced the tune search so that it includes zipped collections (i.e. collections where the abc files are stored in zip files); as a result there are some new inclusions such as Antonio (Nil)’s huge collection and the Corneymusers collection.
  • There are also a number of new collections added to the list including the Take 6 Transcription Programme at folkopedia – although not a large collection of abcs, this is notable as the EFDSS online archive of historically important collections.
  • Finally, I’ve implemented a system for adding comments to tune pages. Although it’s only me that can do it at the moment (manually), eventually I’m intending to automate this so that anyone can add comments. However, that’s some way in the future.

Enjoy (and keep filling in the “What next” poll)!


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2 Responses to “April updates”

  1. Jim Coon says:

    What programs will search for an abc tune that may be in one of several files on my computer?

    What I’d like to do is be able to have a folder with several files of abc tunes (Several tunes in each file and several files in the folder) and be able to quickly search for a tune in those files and be able to display the music notation on the computer screen.

  2. Chris says:

    I don’t know off hand which programs will do what you want, although I think there are probably several. It’s probably best to ask the community on the abcusers mail list or the forums on this site – go to the home page and click on the discuss button for details.