October updates

A round-up of changes to the site since June

Well, I’ve had a really busy summer with fun gigs plus a load of (not-quite-as-much-fun) work to do.

There’s also been quite a lot going on in the abc world, particularly in July when a lot of updates were added to the abc 2.1 draft standard. It’s still not quite finished (work got in the way) but there’s not too much more to do to it.

Apart from that this website has had a few minor changes: I’ve redesigned and beautified the tune search form – you can now find one on every tune page, plus (a bit of a no-brainer) on the home page – can’t think why I didn’t add one before now.

I’ve also added the Google +1 button to every page (although not these blog pages, nor the forums or the wiki) – it’s supposed to help direct search traffic to the website, though I’m reserving judgement on that for the moment as it hasn’t exactly provoked an overwhelming response. Please click it if you like the site.

Other updates include:

  • Several more tune composers have agreed to their music being included in tune search including Pete Whittet, Bruce Shawyer, Rob Lindauer, Roger Peppe & Chris Perry – see the copyright page for more details.
  • There more software to try as well including music21 and Ernie (for Mac users who find that things have broken when they upgraded to Lion)



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3 Responses to “October updates”

  1. Leappad says:

    I’ve been a fan / user of abc software and its great to hear that even your site is very updated. Cheers ABC

  2. christian says:

    Im new to ABC software just want to suggest please post guide / tutorials on your site. thanks

  3. Chris says:


    There are tutorials available on the “learn abc” page – abcnotation.com/learn