Happy birthday, abc!

I can’t remember exactly when I started scribbling bits of music down on paper in text form, though it must have been sometime around 1986 or 87.

However, I do have a very precise date for when I released version 1.0 of abc2mtex on an unsuspecting world – 8th December 1993 – exactly 20 years ago today.

Happy birthday, abc! (And thanks to all those who have contributed software, tunes, help and suggestions over the years.)


2 Responses to “Happy birthday, abc!”

  1. Julia Say says:

    My oldest file is dated 1994 – happy birthday indeed, its been incredibly useful. And I still use abc2mtex – though my early attempts now make me shudder.

  2. bil says:

    Happy Holidays

    mighty stuff!!!

    X: 1
    T:Happy Birthday
    T:Good Morning To You ((c)1893, (c)1896)
    C:Good Morning To You – Public Domain
    N:Top line key of D
    N:Bottom line key of G
    %%staves{RH1 RH2}
    V:1 clef=treble
    |”Key of D”A/2A/2|”D”B A d|”A”c2 A/2A/2|B A e|”D”d2 A/2A/2
    w:Hap-py Birth-day to you. Hap-py Birth-day to you. Hap-py
    w:Good_ Morn-ing to you. Good_ Morn-ing to you. Good_
    |a f d|”G”c B2-|B2 g/2g/2|”D”f d “A”e|”D”d2|
    w:Birth-day to (person name)._ Hap-py Birth-day to you.
    w:Morn-ing Dear Child-ren._ Good_ Morn-ing to you.
    V:2 clef=treble
    |”Key of G”D/2D/2|”G”E D G|”D”F2 D/2D/2|E D A|”G”G2 D/2D/2
    |d B G|”C”F E2-|E2 c/2c/2|”G”B G “D”A|”G”G2|