contact / feedback

There are plenty of ways of getting in contact or leaving feedback:

facebook abcnotation badge Facebook: You could just come and say hello on facebook - or even become a fan. Facebook fans get updates of new blog articles, enhancements to the website and other snippets of news.

Blog: Alternatively, it's easy to leave quick comments on the blog (attached to recent entries).

Discussion: To talk about abc with other users, or share tunes and tips, take a look at the discuss page.

Email: Finally, please email comments, corrections, suggestions, and anything else regarding this site, to

In particular, requests to link to abc software or collections of abc tunes are very welcome and should come to me, but please note that I don't host other people's software or collections on these web pages (yet) so just send me the web address (the URL) rather than the software / collection itself.

For comments, suggestions, and bug reports about specific abc software, however, please contact the software developer, rather than me.

And note, whilst I welcome abc-related emails, if you send a long and involved question that requires a long and involved response, don't expect a reply for some months - sorry. If you keep it short and snappy, I'll reply as soon as I can - often by return.

Chris Walshaw