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The Maskin Rung

Found in abc_dtrad.tar.gz (MASKNRNG.abc) from the the Digital Tradition abc collection
The Maskin Rung - staff notation
% Generated more or less automatically by swtoabc by Erich Rickheit KSC
T:The Maskin Rung
 D| D G G G/2G/2| =F E D B| B G G/2 G3/2| A3 B| d3/2 e/2 d c| B A G D/2D/2|\
 C/2C/2 D C D| B2 B3/2 A/2| G G G3/2 G/2| =F E D c| B G G G| A3 B/2c/2|\
 d3/2 e/2 dd/2-c/2| B A G D3/4 D/4| C D/2D/2 C D| G3||

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