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A Chinese Aire.

Found in Malchair.abc from the Eric Conrad abc collection
A Chinese Aire. - staff notation
T:A Chinese Aire.
C:John Malchair's Third Collection of Tunes
Z:Eric Conrad Feb 2020
W:from Rousseau's Dict.of Mus.
W:originally from Fath.Du Halde.
K:Gmix  % pentatonic scale GABDE (ends in G, no sharps or flats in key signature)
% one strain, 13 measures
g2ed B2B2 | g2ed e2eg | aeed Bddg | ed GA B2B2 | BddB d2eg |
d2d2 eged | B2B2 AGBA | G2G2 A2GA | G2GA BAGA |
B2B2 BddB | d2eg d2d2 | eged B2B2 | AGBA G2G2 |]

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