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reel d'Issoudun

Found in ReelDIssoudun_A.abc from the John Chambers abc collection
reel d'Issoudun - staff notation
X: 1
T: reel d'Issoudun
R: reel
Z: 2008 John Chambers <jc:trillian.mit.edu>
F: http://mustrad.udenap.org/partitions/TQ278.jpg
S: Mervin Ares <mervin_ares:yahoo.ca> QueTrad 2008-1-29
M: C|
L: 1/8
K: A
|: efge | a2gf eagf | edcd efge | a2gf eagf | edcA BAGB |1 A2e2 :|2 A2AB c2c2 |
|: B4 B2Bc | dcBA c2c2 | B3c BAGB |1 A2A2 EGAB | c2c2 :|2 A2e2 |]

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