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Blackbird, The (A2)

Found in %1004:BLACKBIRDTHEA2.abc from the John Chambers abc collection
Blackbird, The (A2) - staff notation
X: 1004
T:Blackbird, The (A2)
N:page A2
N: heptatonic
Z:Devin McCabe
d=c|:"G"B2 (3B=cd|"Am"=c2 Bc|"D"AG FG|"A7"AB =cA|"D"d2 de|"D/F#"dc (3AGF|
"G"GA "A7"GF|"D"D2 DE|FE FG|"A7/E"A2 fe|"D/F#"d2 de|"D7"dc AF|"G"GA "A7"GF|
"D"D2 "A7"D2|1D2 d=c:|2D2 de|:"D"fe de|"A7/E"f2g2|"D/F#"a3g|"D"fg (3agf|
"G"g2 gf|"A7"gb ag|"D"fg "A7"ef|"D"d2 de|"D"fe de|"A7/E"f2g2|"D/F#"a3g|
"D7"fg (3agf|"G"ga "A7"gf|"D"d2"A7"(3edc|"D"de fg|"D" a2 ag|"D/F#"fg (3agf|
"G"g2 (3gfe|"D/F#"=f3e|"D"d=c AG|"D/F#" FG AB|"C"=cd (3efg|"A7"a2 a2|"D"AB AG|
"G"FG AB|"C"=cB ce|"D/F#"dc AF|"G"GA "A7"GF|"D"D2 "A7"D2|[1"D"D2 de:|[2"D" D2 D2|

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