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Joys of Quebec (R-41)

Found in RJ_041---.abc from the John Chambers abc collection
Joys of Quebec (R-41) - staff notation
X: 1
T: Joys of Quebec (R-41)
I: Joys of Quebec R-41 A reel
M: C|
R: reel
K: A
ee| "A"eccc c2ee| eccc c2ee| fAeA dAcA| "E7"dBBB B2dd|
"E7"dBBB B2dd| dBBc B2(3Bcd| |1 "E7"e2ee gfeg| "A"fe^df e2 :|2 "E7"e2ee fefg| "A"a6 |]
|:(3ABc| "A"[A4e4] "D"[A4f4]| "A"[e3A3][fA] [A2e2]AB| "A"[c4e4] "D"[d4f4]| "A"[c3e3]d [c2e2]Ac|
"A"B2A2 G2A2| "E7"B3c B2Bc|1 d2e2 gfeg| "A"fe^df e2 :|2 "E7"d2e2 fefg| "A"afec A2 |]

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