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Hine ma tov [Em]

Found in Hine_Ma_Tov1_Em_w.abc from the John Chambers abc collection
Hine ma tov   [Em] - staff notation
X: 2
T: Hine ma tov   [Em]
O: Trad Jewish
M: 2/4
L: 1/16
W: How good and pleasant it is for brothers to live together as one.
K: Em
E2 | "Am"A2A2 A2(BA) | "Em"G2(GF) E4 | "Em"G2FE "D"F2D2 | "Em"E2 E4 :|
w: Hi-ne ma tov u-*ma na-*im, she-vet 'a-chim gam ya-chad.
|: D^CD | "Em"E2E2 "D"ED^CD | "Em"E6 FG | "Am"A2GF "D"GFED | "E"E4 z :|
w: Hi-ne ma tov, hi-ne* ma* tov, a_________
|: GA | "G"B2B2 B2(dB) | "D"AGA2- A2GA | "G"B6 dB | "D"AGA2- "B7"A2(GF) |
w: Hi-*ne ma tov u-*ma na-im,* a________ hi-*
| "Em"G2G2 G2(AG) | "D"FEF2- F2(ED) | "C"E2E2 "D"ED^CD | "Em"E6 :|
w: ne ma tov u-*ma na-im,* hi-*ne ma tov u ma na-im.

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