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Johnny's Trip to France (#77)

Found in waif-2.abc from the John Chambers' music books abc collection
Johnny's Trip to France (#77) - staff notation
X: 27
T:Johnny's Trip to France (#77)
S:Capt. F. O'Neill
gf|e2 A2 A2 Bd|edef "tr"gedB|G2 GA BAGA|B2 d2 d2 "tr"gf|
e2 A2 A2 Bd|edef "tr"gedB|G2 GA BAGA|"tr"B2 A2 A2:|
|:Bd|e2 a2 a2 ga|b2 ab a2 "tr"gf|edef gfga|bc'ba g2 ed|
1e2 a2 a2 ga|b2 ab a2 "tr"gf|edef gag"tr"d|B2 A2 A2:|
2a2 gf g2 fg|edef "tr"gedB|G2 GA BAGA|"tr"B2 A2 A2||
% The above fine marching tune tho' manifestly in the
% Irish style is probably of Scotch origin because it comes
% from the subconscious memory of the writer who
% associated in Chicago nearly 50 years ago, with such
% noted Highland pipers as McLean, Cant, and Monroe.
% Of the four distinct tunes, named after Lochiel the
% Jacobite hero to be found in old printed collections
% I find that one specially arranged for the Highland
% bagpipe is a variant of "Johnny's Trip to France";
% dreamily remembered by the editor since early manhood.

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