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Found in Playford_pryanksters.abc from the John Chambers' music books abc collection
Chestnut - staff notation
T:Doves Figary
H:The tune is reminiscent today of the first phrase of "God rest ye
H:merry, gentlemen", and is a folk tune of widest distribution, the "tune
H:of luck-visit songs, wassails, harvest suppers, may carols and their
H:parodies, 'chestnut' having feminine symbolism. The second title may
H:be expalined by Deloney's ballad of 1600 on Dove's roguery with the
H:women. Although it is an awkward fit, repeating the last words of some
H:lines might make it work.
d2a2g2f2|e3d ^c2A2|d2e2f2f2|g2 fg a4||
a2 ab c'2 ba|g2 ga b2 ag|a2a2a2 gf|g3b f4|
a2 ba bagf|g2 ag agfe|f2d2d2g2|e3f d4||
W:Welcome to town, Tom Dove, Tom Dove,
W:The merriest man alive
W:Thy company stil we love, we love,
W:God grant thee well to thrive
W:All never will depart from thee
W:For better or worse, my joy
W:For thou shalt still have our good will
W:God's blessing on my sweet boy

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