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Longford Collector, The

Found in l.zip (l.abc) from the José A. Oliveira abc collection
Longford Collector, The - staff notation
T:Longford Collector, The
D:Michael Coleman
D:Davy Spillane: Shadow Hunter
~G3A Bcdg|eB~B2 egdB|GFGA BcdB|AcBA GEDE|
GFGA Bcdg|eB~B2 d2ef|g2af gedB|1 AcBA GEDE:|2 AcBA GED2||
|:gfga gedg|eB~B2 d2ef|g2af gedB|AcBA GED2|
~g3a gedg|eB~B2 d2ef|gbaf gedB|1 AcBA GED2:|2 AcBA GEDE||
~G3A Bd~d2|eB~B2 eBdB|~G3A B2dB|AcBA GEDE|
~G3A ~B3d|eB~B2 d2ef|gbaf gedB|1 AcBA GEDE:|2 AcBA GED2||
|:~g3a gfed|eB~B2 d2ef|gfga gedB|AcBA GED2|
gfga gfed|eB~B2 d2ef|g2af gedB|1 AcBA GED2:|2 AcBA GEDE||

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