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Turmut-hoeing - staff notation
X:1     %Music
B:Broadwood, L, 1893, English County Songs, London, Leadenhall Press
S:Words and tune from Mr R. Bennell
Z:Lucy Broadwood
M:4/4     %Meter
L:1/8     %
D | GF G A G F D3/2 D/ |G3/2 A/ B c (d2 A)
w:'Twas on a jol-ly sum-mer's morn, the twen-ty first of May_
w:For some de-lights in hay-mak-in'. and some they fan-cies mow-in',
(B/c/) |d B c A B G A
w: Giles_ Scrog-gins took his tur-mut hoe,
w: But of all the trades as I likes best, 
(B/A/) |G F E D E F G :|
w:with_ which he trudged_ a--way 
w:give_ I the tur-mut hoe--in'. 
D D |G3 D A3 D |B G c A G F E
w:For the fly, the fly, the fly is on the tur--mut; 
D/D/ |d3/2 B/ c3/2 A/ B G A B |G F E D E F G  |]
w:And it's all my eye for we to try, to keep fly off the tur--mut. 

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